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YouTube – Perhaps the Easiest Way to Make Money from Home

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If you have ever browsed through YouTube, you would’ve definitely come across numerous channels. While browsing you might think to yourself, “who actually watches this stuff,” but unbelievably most of these channels make a substantial amount of money from the views they get.

Take a look at some of the most popular channels and you will be surprised at the kind of content that they share, and how rapidly they manage to get views on it. The number of people that earn money through this platform is massive. In addition, with the help of the YouTube Partner Program this site boasts more than one million video creators.

If you are searching for reliable ways to make money online, perhaps the best medium for you to get started is YouTube. After all, with more than one billion active users per month you’re bound to get a fair share of views quickly.

Creative Ways Other People Are Earning On YouTube

Made up your mind yet? Need some more inspiration? Following are some of the simple, yet extremely successful YouTube channels that are earning thousands of dollars from the videos they post and their viewership alone.

Using YouTube to Market and Sell Products

Small businesses used to lack a proper, low-cost, yet effective platform to market their products. That’s no longer the case. Numerous small business owners use YouTube Channels to market their craft and connect with new customers.

A fine example of such a channel is “Bilogilates”; run by a Pilates Instructor named Cassey Ho. Cassey’s channel has over 16 million views, in addition to an ecommerce feature. She makes money from ads that YouTube places on her channel as well as from the gym bags and clothing line she sells from her ecommerce portal.

Using YouTube to Create Self-Help and DIY Tutorials

Other than entertainment, another section of YouTube videos includes short tutorials of products and day to day tasks that can be done more effectively. A great example of such a channel is of Michelle Phan’s channel.

Phan is a 25-year-old makeup artist. She creates short makeup tutorial videos in which she teaches women the best way to purchase cosmetics. Her vivacious personality as well as the accurate, useful information she provides has made her an internet sensation for women everywhere. Michelle now has over three million subscribers, and about 647 million views on her channel.

This popularity on YouTube became a portfolio of her expertise in this area, which then led Lancôme to approach her and hire her as their authorized makeup artist online. From YouTube’s standpoint, she is just another person who used this platform the right way and is now making millions of dollars a year.

Using YouTube to Create a Show of Your Own

YouTube is home to entertainers as well, from stand up comedians to reality shows. If the aim is to get the maximum amount of viewers, then the medium of entertainment is perhaps the best way to get the attention of a massive audience.

Two brothers, Benny and Raffi began their channel in which they launched a kid’s show named “Kids React”, and made it quite profitable. The comic nature of their channel landed them with over 360 million views.

Find your own inspiration, create a channel where you show people what you are good at, and either entertain or teach, and make a stable income for yourself on YouTube.