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What Is Your Time Worth To You?

I learned something extremely important about life last year…

It’s something that I think many successful AND happy people learn eventually.

It’s the reason that those people are successful and happy in the first place!

The most valuable asset that we as humans have is NOT money…


You see…

Anyone can make millions upon billions of dollars in their life and become wealthy….that’s not unique at all.

There’s a bunch of billionaires and millionaires out there that are raking in the dough as you read this….but a lot of them are miserable!

It’s simply not enough to make a katrillion dollars and then you become instantly happy forever…that’s almost never what happens.

Sure…you may be struggling financially right now and saying to yourself:

“If only I was rich, all of my problems would be solved,  and then I could finally be happy”


Money by itself does NOT equal happiness automatically.

Believe me, I speak from personal experience…

It wasn’t that long ago that I was working upwards of 14 hours a day EVERY DAY just to maintain a massive network of internet based businesses that made me millions of dollars…

Before that, I was working 50 hours a week at a local grocery store collecting shopping carts and cleaning bathrooms for less than $100 a day.

I’ve been both rich and poor….the funny part is that it doesn’t matter which financial status that you are…the problem is the same!

Both sides fall into the same school of thought:


Here’s why that’s completely wrong…

The most valuable asset that we possess is TIME!


You see..

Anyone can make money but what we can’t do is MAKE TIME!

Time is the most valuable thing that we possess because we trade our time for both money and pleasure.

It’s the ONLY resource that we have that is NOT renewable. I mean you can’t just turn back time when you want to.

You only have so many hours of your life on this earth before you leave. How do you want to spend it?

Do you want to enjoy as much of your time as humanly possible? Or do you want to spend it working all the time?

That’s what I was doing before. I spent entirely too much of my time working and NOT enjoying myself at all.


I was unhealthy. All I did was work. I was constantly in a bad mood, overweight, full of stress, and just generally unhappy with everything.

Sure – I made a lot of money. I just never got to enjoy any of it. It just sat there doing nothing while I kept on working.

I had a real wake up call this year and promised myself that I would spend more of my time having fun with my life, family, and business.

After I had my wake up call, I sold my entire network of businesses and dedicated myself to figuring out a way to have the freedom that would enable me to have fun AND pay the bills at the same time.

I had to find a business model that I could work when I wanted to. Something that would be entirely automated with near zero input required by me.

It would also help if the work that I had to do was fun. This would make it less like work and more like play.

If I could find this new business – it’d be like finding the holy grail.

I was like Indiana Jones looking for the lost ark!

I was like this guy but less handsome…

It wasn’t an easy task that lay ahead of me!

After searching for a long time with no results …I almost gave up!


One night, while laying in bed – I was reading the news on my iPhone when I saw a banner ad with a real simple yet eye catching design that caught my attention…

I was impressed by the design so much that I decided to click it…

I didn’t know it yet back then but I was about to discover a truly life changing business model that would give me real freedom. Not just money but freedom to work when I wanted to while.

Here’s the best part, I love working with this business. It’s incredibly fun to help others achieve freedom while getting paid for it .

Not only do I enjoy it but I get true satisfaction when I hear the life changing results that I helped other people achieve.

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