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Two Entrepreneurs Create and Grow the BeenVerified Online Background Check Platform

JoshRoss (1)Ross Cohen and Josh Levy are the creators of BeenVerified, a one-stop shop for accessing public data.

Using Public Data with Ease

By Home Business Magazine

When Ross Cohen and Josh Levy were running their own businesses, they constantly struggled to verify the identities of the freelancers they engaged with online. They wanted to know whether these freelancers should be trusted, so they set out to create a solution: the BeenVerified online background check platform. With 7 million app downloads,10 million monthly site visitors, and over $20 million in revenue in the last year, BeenVerified is now one of the leading sources of background checks — and one of the fastest growing companies in NYC!

BeenVerified is an online background check platform that helps people discover, understand, and use public data in their everyday lives. BeenVerified is unique in that it consolidates information from multiple sources, making it a one-stop shop for accessing personal information. They offer free apps for iPhones, iPads, Apple Watch, and Android devices, so whether you’re at your desk or on the go, you can implement a search.
Ross and Josh would describe BeenVerified as “an easy and affordable way to use public data.” “Most people think of public data as being criminal records and contact details, but our data also includes property records, social media information, professional licenses, and more,” Ross says.

BeenVerified has 109,000 monthly members who come from all 50 states and include a diverse mix of men and women of different ages. Ross and Josh promote to their customers via a team of marketers, who spend a majority of their time on search engine and digital marketing. They have also advertised on TV.

Ross and Josh enjoy working from home because they are better able to focus on strategy and complete any busy work that has piled up. “Working from home allows for much needed concentration and productivity that I can’t get in an office building,” Ross says. Their greatest business achievement thus far is the fact that BeenVerified “is still in business after eight years, based on the ideas of two people chatting in a living room.”

Ross and Josh are “really proud” of BeenVerified’s success, but they think the sky’s the limit. “We’re working hard to become a ubiquitous brand that everybody knows, because we think we have a tool that everyone in the country could potentially benefit from,” Ross says. Visit www.beenverified.com. HBM

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