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Top Solo Ad Providers and Vendors Of 2017

Top Solo Ad Providers and Vendors of 2017

If you’re reading this then chances are you’ve probably struck out a few times with horrible quality solo ads and are trying to find the top solo ad providers and vendors of 2017.

I almost exclusively use Solo Ad’s to promote my internet businesses as I find this method provides the most immediate results that I can duplicate over and over again!

Solo Ads have been around forever but only in the last 4 or 5 years have they become so popular that you can easily find vendors everywhere. It used to be fairly hard to get in contact with a list owner and get them to send your ad out because this kind of advertising was exclusive and valuable!

Nowadays, solo ads can be found EVERYWHERE and more often than not they are low quality, scams, or just plain old junk traffic.

Over the last couple of years, I’ve spent over $100,000+ on solo ad’s for a variety of offers in multiple niche’s so I’ve tested a lot of the major places you can find them. I’ve went through all of my data to come up with my top performing Solo Ad Providers of 2017!

So, without further ado….here’s my personally tested top list of solo ad providers and vendors in 2017!

#1: Udimi

Udimi - Top Solo Ad Providers Of 2017

Udimi continues to be my #1 solo ad provider. Not only is it the easiest and most convienient marketplace for purchasing solos. It’s also the most effective.  They automatically filter all of the BAD CLICKS including those made by automatic clicking bots or even just unproductive countries so you never end up losing money on traffic . It’s pure tier 1 traffic and it’s super easy to make your order.  Udimi has saved me tons of time and money with solo ads! It’s still one of the more scalable options out there.

>> Click Here To Check Out Udimi<<

#2:  Rock Solid Traffic

Rock Solid Traffic - Top Solo Ad Providers Of 2017

This provider is brand new and I just recently tested them out.  I’ve found that the results are incredibly responsive with very fast delivery of all clicks. However, they’re not exactly “Solo Ads” but they’re much better. Instead of getting tons of junk opt-ins from your purchase, you’ll get a ton of actually interested people looking at your offer. You’ll have to read about their traffic generation process a bit more to clearly understand it.

>> Click Here To Check Out Rock Solid Traffic <<

#3: Traffic For Me

Traffic For Me - Top Solo Ad Providers Of 2017

This is another one of my all time favorites and should be included in your toolbox of solo ad providers. This provider is for when you’ve found an awesome offer that is really responsive and want to go big because they can provide hundreds of thousands of clicks each day. Also, they offer MULTIPLE niches including the health industry, make money online, and biz op offers. I highly recommend you give this one a shot when you’re ready go big!

>> Click Here To Check Out Traffic For Me <<

#4 :  Solo Ads X

Solo Ads X - Top Solo Ad Providers Of 2017

This website is more of a collection of the top solo ad providers that is kept up to date by a long time veteran of the solo ad industry. I always come here when I’ve tapped out Udimi and need to test a few more providers. It’s highly accurate and kept up to date. I’ve always had good results with the Solo Ad Providers listed here.

>> Click Here To Check Out Solo Ads X<<

#5:   Igor Solo Ads

Igor Solo Ads - Top Solo Ad Providers Of 2017

If you’re looking for the KING of solo ads, then look no further than Igor Kheifets who has made a name for himself in the industry as a provider of extremely high quality solo clicks. His prices aren’t the cheapest available but they are worth it. In my opinion, it’s worth trying him out if you’ve already testing out your offer and everything else!

>> Click Here To Check Out Igor Solo Ads <<


Those are my Top 5 solo ad vendors for 2017. I’ve personally tested each and every one of these resources and I can tell you that they are the cream of the crop. It’s not easy finding high quality solo advertising but these vendors are as close as they come to being the best of the best!

** Please note that some of these links ARE affiliate links. However, just because I get paid when you use one of the services, that doesn’t mean it’s not good.


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