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One Courageous Entrepreneur Took A Chance, And It Paid Off — In Silver

By Home Business Magazine

According to the Small Business Administration, 70% of small businesses go broke before their 10th anniversary. Starting a business is scary; the chance of failure is high. Through Make Mine a Million (M3), one courageous entrepreneur took that chance, and it paid off — in silver.

Owning a small business is tough normally, but during harder economic times it’s easy to just give up. Jennifer McKinley, founder of Cor Silver skin care company, http://corsilver.com/, had the courage and ambition to not only make the leap from successful corporate positions to start her own small business, but she made it thrive through the Make Mine a Million program.

Prior to founding Cor, Jennifer held positions as senior vice president of strategic systems at Monster Worldwide and as former associate partner within IBM’s Business Consulting Services Group. Although Jennifer held these prestigious positions, she was determined to follow her dream of starting a business and take a risk to start Cor Silver —a risk that ultimately paid off in revenue and reputation within the beauty industry.

Jennifer McKinley has used her more than fifteen years of experience in business development, branding strategy and marketing, her MBA background, and Make Mine a Million guidance to actually grow during this recession. With the support from Make Mine a Million, Jennifer continues to expand her brand, which now includes a full line of skincare products loved by celebrities and other industry influencers.

Jennifer owes much of her achievements to Make Mine a Million and her own business savvy, constantly challenging herself and her business to become the best. This year she expanded to an international level, signing a million dollar deal in Japan and creating a new size of her product for the recession that she can not keep in stock. She has also developed a following in Russia and Europe.These proactive steps have helped Jennifer become a successful industry leader, and she continues to work with Make Mine a Million to increase her business revenue and keep reaching higher ambitions. She is ranked in the top of the M3 race and will continue to push herself until she is number one. HBM

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