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The Pizza Press Is Heating Up

The Pizza Press heats up business

The Pizza Press Grows Franchise Program With Announcement of New Locations

The fast casual, build-your-own pizzeria franchise is set to add 15 new locations to its list before close of Q4

The Pizza Press, a fast casual, build-your-own pizza restaurant, announces rapid franchise growth since the launch of its program in October 2014. With two corporate-owned stores and 15 franchise locations slated to sign or open in 2015, The Pizza Press is expanding out of the Southern California region and into new markets. The company projects an additional 15-20 franchisees in 2016, resulting in 50-75 units as part of multi-unit packages.

Quality Ingredients for The Pizza Press

The Pizza Press initially launched in Anaheim, California in 2012. With a dedication to quality ingredients and superior customer experience, the first location across from Disneyland Resort was a quick success. The company’s flagship location was opened in March 2015 in Orange, California. Founder Dara Maleki is currently looking at locations in Nevada and Arizona that will serve as the next corporate location.

“We are so excited for this rapid growth of The Pizza Press and what that means for both our loyal customer base and our future franchisees,” says Maleki. “We aren’t just looking for people who want to own a business, but people who want to join The Pizza Press family and work as our partners.“

Encouraging customers to create their own ‘newsworthy’ pizzas, The Pizza Press is a fully customizable, build-your-own, pizza model. With specialty ingredients like pulled pork, roasted zucchini and vegan cheese, The Pizza Press creates limited time offers and specialty pizzas that can fit with any season of the year or sensitive palate. The Pizza Press has also created six signature pizzas, which will be on the menu at every unit: “The Tribune,” “The Times,” “The Chronicle,” “The Sun,” “The Herald,” and “The Gazette.”

The Pizza Press is also actively involved in the local craft beer scene, offering up to 20 local taps at the flagship location in Orange. This commitment to local breweries will also be replicated in franchise locations, when possible. Southern California is a hub for specialty beers, and additional units will work with breweries in corresponding regions.

“This isn’t just about having restaurants with matching décor and menus, but having the same heart and values as well. That’s what sets The Pizza Press apart,” adds Maleki.

The majority of locations set to open in the coming months are in the surrounding area of Orange County, California, but additional units signing on for the remainder of 2015 will be opening up the coast towards Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay area. Projected growth into 2016 shows locations in other southwest states, such as Arizona and Texas.

For more information on The Pizza Press, please visit: www.thepizzapress.com

For more information about franchising The Pizza Press, please visit: www.thepizzapress.com/franchise/

About The Pizza Press

Founded in 2012, The Pizza Press is a fast casual, build-your-own pizzeria. Guests are encouraged to design their own pizza, complete with unlimited toppings, or choose from popular pizzas flavored after regional newspapers, including “The Times”, “The Tribune”, and “The Chronicle”. Also on tap or bottled, guests can enjoy beer from local breweries like Valiant Brewery and Bootleggers



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