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Tap into the Power of Thanks

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48b ThanksIn so many organizations, employees go through their days assuming that their coworkers, and especially their bosses, don’t notice or appreciate all of the hard work that they do. And if that’s the way they feel, employees won’t have any true motivation or dedication, and productivity will be mediocre at best. In the midst of an already-tough economy, this is the absolute last thing you want for your organization. Throughout my years of leadership, I became more and more amazed by just how strong the power of thanks really is. Gratitude is an amazing motivator, it strengthens employee and customer loyalty, and it really can allow you to see a positive change in your company’s bottom line. And especially in today’s not-so-stellar economic environment, it’s extra-important to give your people something to be positive about and thankful for. HBM
Todd Patkin

Finding Happiness: One Man’s Quest to Beat Depression and Anxiety and—Finally — Let the Sunshine In


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