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Succeed With an Abundance Mentality

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Have you ever worked with someone who had a scarcity mentality? In other words, they believed that if someone else was successful then there was less opportunity for them? Their whole belief system was one of winning at all costs even at the expense of friends, colleagues, customers, and even family members. They had a win:lose outlook on business and life in general.

Typically, this sort of approach is less successful in the long-run, as it is not conducive to building long term relationships. Other people become turned off by this compulsive will to win regardless of who loses in the process.

It is far more productive all around if, as a leader, you can promote an abundance mentality in the workplace. This helps you and others find creative solutions to problem solving, and is far more motivational for employees and ultimately leads to business growth.

Richard J. Bryan

International speaker and executive coach

Author of Being Frank: Real Life Lessons to Grow Your Business and Yourself


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