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Strike a Pose to Fund Your Home Business


Start a Part-Time Job You Never Imagined Doing

When I was a full-time college student, I needed a part time job to pay my bills. I had 3 requirements for the job.

  1. It had to be one that I thought would be a lot of fun
  2. I needed flexible hours so my job did not interfere with my studies
  3. It needed to pay a lot per hour since I had limited time for a job.

This part-time job which I did for 2 years, turned into a full-time job that has lasted over 30 years. You can also utilize these part-time job opportunities to have supplement income coming in when growing your home business.

I had no knowledge of this type of work until I began to actually work in the field. It is called Commercial Modeling.

Commercial Modeling Jobs

There are also tons of folks who get hired to be in commercial modeling ads. These are the beautiful and sometimes “real” looking people who get hired to portray the mom, doctor, teacher, real estate agent, plumber, student, grandparent, etc.… You see commercial models in magazine, newspaper and brochure ads. You also see commercial models on billboards, posters, on the side of a bus, on the box of a product and on company’s web sites.

One of the great things about commercial modeling is that it is available to everyone and virtually everywhere. Toddlers to seniors are needed. And unlike the fashion industry, there are no height or size restrictions. Also, the hours are so much shorter than working on film or TV. Typically, photo shoot only last a few hours. Some people can take a few hours off from work, do a commercial modeling job and go back to work. And depending on where you live, you could earn anywhere between $75-$250/hour.

The 3 Steps Actors Need to Take to Get Commercial Print Jobs

1. It is so important that you figure out what types of commercial modeling ads you will believably be able to get cast in. Do you have the look of the CEO or blue collar type, the conservative accountant or Pilates instructor? Once you understand how you will best be cast, then you need to create 3-4 photos that clearly show those looks.

2. Don’t look like a model and just pose for the camera. Make every test shot you take look like an actual ad. Wear the right clothing that enhances the look without it distracting people from looking at you. Bring in props to the shot. Don’t have any logo’s or brand names in the photo, but if you look like you could be a teacher or tutor, you could create a shot with you helping a student who is struggling with a class. You want to make this shot look like an ad for a tutoring company. If so, then make sure you are sitting at a desk with the student and include whatever materials (props) are appropriate – book, paper, pen, lap top etc…

3. Show a variety of expressions and emotions – in a believable way. A huge mistake many people make when creating commercial test shots is to simply smile and pose for every shot. Every photo should show a different believable emotion. This allows industry professionals who cast talent for print jobs see that you have the ability to look different, take direction and show many layers of expressions and emotions.

To Get Commercial Print Jobs

  1. Figure out your type
  2. Create test shots that look like ad
  3. Show a variety of believable emotions
  4. Practice creating the right looks
  5. Find a photographer to take your photos
  6. Find an agent in your area

Get Booked as an Extra on TV Shows, Films and TV Commercials

Are you one of those people who have always wanted to be in a film, TV show, an ad in a magazine or billboard or in a TV commercial? But, you never perused your dream because you had no idea how to get started, don’t live in a large city, never had much if any acting or modeling training, thought you were too old, short and do not have the “perfect body” and you have a full-time job? There are many reasons why people don’t pursue their dreams. Here is something that might be perfect for you.

Most films and many TV shows need extras. These are the people you see walking down the street while the camera is focused on the star. Or those you see in the coffee shop while the principal actors are doing their scene. Sometimes, hundreds of extras are needed.

As long as you can take one day off of work, (or with commercial modeling, a few hours), you could work as an extra. Non-union extras typically are paid a minimum of $75 for the day (which could be 12 hours), but the fees will vary depending on the production.

There are many ways to get hired as an extra. One good way is to visit the web site of the film commission in your state. See if there are any projects being shot locally, and then see who is doing the extra’s casting. Follow their submission instructions and hopefully you will get cast. You can also go to the web site of the local agents in your area as well as the local casting directors. See if they are working on any projects where extras are needed. You can find a listing of agents at www.howtoactandmodel.org.

The days on sets can be long, hot, cold and tedious at times. It can also be an amazing experience that you will never forget. One thing I can guarantee, working on a set will always be something that you will remember for a long long time. It is also possible to get upgraded. That means the director or 1st assistant director gives you a word or line to say, and now you have been upgraded from an extra to a principal actor.

If you decide to do extra work, you will get an incredible appreciation for how hard so many people work in order to make a project come to life.

Whether you wish to jumpstart your personal brand and become a star, or have steady income through a flexible and enjoyable part-time position, entering the entertainment industry may just be the avenue to take. Who knows, you could even see yourself in the movie or TV show when it is shown.                                                                    

Aaron Marcus: America’s Premier Acting/Modeling Career Coach.

Aaron is the author of How to Become a Successful Actor and Model. Check out his mentoring program for aspiring actors and models.

Office Phone: 410-764-8270

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