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Starscapes – What Better Way to Celebrate Space than to Sleep Under the Stars!

Starscapes offers business packages to teach you how to become a high-in-demand cosmic-illusionist

In most metropolitan cities around the world, stargazing is nearly impossible due to the “light pollution” in the lower atmosphere caused by the city lights. A local entrepreneur has solved the problem by allowing home bound people and everyone else to relax under the stars from the comfort of their own bedroom.

Now this is accomplished is with a mixture of rare earth minerals applied directly to your ceiling. The licensed Artist-Illusionist will create this stunning display in just a couple of hours. The result is an astronomically correct 3-D replica of the starry night sky as one would see it on a clear night, high up in the mountains.

Invisible during the day, the 3-D mural is not visible. The Artist-Illusionist says that “The stars only come out at night… every night. Children that are afraid of the dark, now are able to relax and fall asleep with a blanket of stars, dreaming of the inspirations that only space and the stars can give.”

STARSCAPES® Stargazing Skylites and STARSCAPES® Stargazing Ceilings and STARSCAPES® Stargazing Rooms are now available. “I was out stargazing last night and realized I was still in bed, and wondered where my ceiling went!”

“It’s stress-relieving, relaxing and romantic.”

Available for residential bedrooms, home theaters, hotels, motels, bed & breakfasts and resorts.

CONTACT: Joe Petrashek 1-480-615-7646


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