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Small Scale Business Ideas: Top 25 Ideas

When it comes to small scale business ideas, many think of limited resources regarding time and finances. We all think of how these resources will support the commencement of the business and support its operations at startup. Apart from the resource, every venture needs some management skills to see things done. It does not matter how small the returns might be, how one commits and manages the business will determine the success and expansion of a small business. Here are some small business ideas that one can start small and grow to the right profits.

The Top 25 Small Scale Business Ideas

Small Scale Business Ideas

Cleaning services

Business owners and homeowners need their premises to stay clean. You can start a cleaning business to offer cleaning services to both residential and commercial establishments. You can also include construction cleanup to your list of services.


Every business wants to stay in the focus of their customers and potential customer. You can start and publicity agency and develop efficient and unique ways of reaching products to the masses. Think banners, balloon, brochures, internet marketing and more.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is an excellent way to earn while staying at home. You need to have your own website, internet connection, and time. You receive a commission by promoting other companies’ products and services.  Affiliate Marketing is one of my preferred small scale business ideas because just about anyone can pick it up.


Aromatherapy is the use of aromatic essence from a wide variety of plant extracts to promote a healthy mind and physical well-being. You can start a business to provide aromatherapy services or sell aromatic products for aromatherapy at home. You need to do research on the medicinal plants, herbs, roots, flowers, trees, and other products related to the business.

Green cleaning

Almost every household is sensitive to the environment. People are turning to the use eco-friendly cleaning products to keep their health and family and pets safe. A green cleaning business is a niche to you especially if you love cleaning. Start a professional green house cleaning and even sell green cleaning compounds to your clients.

Content writing

Businesses need copywriters and bloggers to create compelling content that makes consumers make purchases. You need a good command of language and grammar for you to deliver the best services. There are a couple of grammar checkers to help you with the task.

Content writing is another wonderful small scale business ideas. You can find content writing work at: HireWriters

Computer training

It’s hard to escape computers in a world where we use them for many purposes. We use computers in our day-to-day life in business, analysis, entertainment, and data storage. If you are an expert in a particular program, you can earn money by training others and help them improve their knowledge on technology.

Data entry

If you are an excellent typist and keen on details, then data entry is a good business for you. The web provides many sites that outsource data entry tasks. Be cautious and find a legitimate one to avoid fraud.

Data Entry one of the better small scale business ideas that I could come up with. It’s pretty easy to get started with.

Refilling cartridge and toner ink

Nowadays many homes and offices use refillable cartridges to save on cost and protect the environment. You can start a business that provides ink and cartridge refilling for both offices and homes.

Event management

Event management is a rapidly growing field. Success in this business requires excellent networking skills as well as the ability to move things fast.

School and office products

Think paper, notebook, scribbling books, pens, pencils, eraser, penholders, rulers, and any other stationery. These products are always in high demand in the urban areas and schools.


If you are a photography enthusiast and can capture good pictures, then photography is a great venture for you. You can start small maybe a home based studio and later expand to a more professional set up. When you venture into the photography business, you will need to invest in a high-quality camera and maybe extra camera lens.

Game parlor

Young people love gaming, and a game parlor is a great moneymaking business especially in a residential area. Think play station machines, Xbox, and good-sized screens.


With proper strategy, you can never go wrong with food business. You can start a small bakery that serves fresh cakes and cookies. You can include packed drinks such as juice, milk, or yogurt. Allow your clients to place orders for their events.

Grocery shop

This is an excellent small business idea that does not require specialized skills.  Starting your own grocery store is fantastic for small scale business ideas. You can start a small grocery shop and expand as your business grows.

Graphics design

Graphics design business is a good venture for those inclined to the field of arts. You need to learn the core competencies and develop as you engage in the business. Apart from the skills, you will need a powerful computer and several graphics design software. You can outsource printing services where necessary.

Gym business

The gym business is an excellent small scale business idea. Almost everyone is concerned about their physical fitness, and there is no better way to address this but starting a gym business. People care about their weight and body shapes. If you are a fitness enthusiast, you can launch a gym business. You will require enough funds to equip your gym. T

Wine business

People consume wine on a daily basis at home, during events, and at restaurants. A good knowledge of wine is necessary for this business. You also need to situate the wine business at a strategic location.

Tourism business

Tourism business manages and organizes hiking, trekking, camping, and other adventures for tourists. A sound knowledge of the various travel destinations, picnic sites, and hotels is necessary for the success of the business. You also need good marketing and communication skill. Your business is to facilitate smooth movement of tourist who is you clients.

Bodybuilding supplements

You can organize with the local gyms or find ways to reach individuals and sell them bodybuilding supplements at discounted prices.

Freelance writing

Freelancing is a good way to earn income if you are a real author.  Freelancing is great for small scale business ideas. All you need is a computer and internet connection. A web search a can lead you to some freelance sites, or you get recommendations from friends.

Looking For The Ultimate In Small Scale Business Ideas?

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Private tutor

You can start a business that offers private lessons if you are a teacher or endowed with knowledge pertaining a particular area. You can provide private classes to individuals over the internet.

Video tutorials

If you are an expert in a certain field, you can create videos tutorials and sell them over the web. Sites like udemy have tools that allow you to set up and upload videos and pay you every time someone buys your video. You can create tutorials for any field. For example, programming, how to build a good CV, how to use Excel, how to play guitar, etc.

Web design business

Web design is a small business idea that can earn you good money especially if you are a skilled or self-taught web developer. The good thing about web design is you can work from home.

Computer repair and support

If you have technical training and an expert in information technology equipment and systems, you can start a computer repair and support business. Almost everyone uses computers, and these machines can fail, or the user may require some technical assistance with the computer.

Pet grooming

The busy modern life does not allow pet owners time to attend to their pets. Many pet owners lack the skills and knowledge pertaining pet grooming and cannot do it themselves. If you have the information and interest in the field, then go for a pet grooming business.