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Self-Publish Your Book

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Self-Publish Your Book

Self-published books have transformed both the reading and writing landscape, with hundreds of thousands of authors now eschewing traditional publishing routes. Once reserved for distribution to a writer’s close family and friends, these books are now respected as an affordable option with every bit as much potential for becoming best-sellers as those produced by the New York houses.

Countless books published this way have gone on to become best-sellers, but you have to have a good product if you want even a shot at success. That means good content that’s well edited; a good cover; good layout; and a good print job. Additionally, you can expect to spend a lot of time and/or money marketing, promoting and getting publicity for your book. The better the quality, the more the book will cost. Your pocketbook and your goals should help make the decision easier.

Sheryn Hara

Independent publisher

Author of Self-Publish Successfully

Founder of Book Publishers Network


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