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Product Review Spotlight: The People Factor

The People Factor

While relationships are fundamental aspects of the human experience, our dealings with friends, family members, significant others, co-workers, and superiors are often riddled with strife and consternation. To address this enduring conundrum, Van Moody — relationship expert, motivational speaker, and media expert — authored The People Factor (paperback, ISBN: 978-1400205028, $12.99 U.S.).

This highly anticipated book specifies how to build great relationships and end bad ones at home, in social networks, in personal relationships, and in the workplace.

Throughout the pages of The People Factor, Moody lays out the steps to building and maintaining genuine, authentic relationships.  In a flowing, engaging, attention-grabbing style, he provides a beyond-the-basics guide for the critical task of evaluating our relationships intelligently and taking decisive action in kind. The book addresses fundamental principles for living and interacting with others in the complex and ever-changing dynamics of today’s culture. It’s a concise, practical resource for those seeking to become more relationally savvy for a happier and more rewarding personal, social, and professional life. For more information, visit www.vanmoody.com. HBM

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