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Pay Per Download – Are They As Lucrative As the Say?

Pay Per Download

Pay Per Download, or better known as PPD to internet savvy individuals, is a method to earn money online. For those that don’t know what PPD is, it is a program, as the name suggests, that pays per download. Users upload various types of files on different websites, and the more people download these files the more that user earns. The files can be of various types, ranging from mp3, software, eBooks, Videos, and links, to attention grabbing content.

Over the years, PPD has become a very profitable means of making a lot of money. In this blog, we’ll go over what you need to do to achieve success with Pay Per Download.

How money is made through PPD

The types of files mentioned above are something that people want, and when people want something, they are willing to pay for it. However, since the trend has set in where no one pays for anything online nowadays, PPD uses a rather creative technique to capitalize on this without making the downloader spend anything except a few minutes of his or her time.

First, register yourself with a reliable Pay Per Download website. On most of these sites, the downloader will have to follow a link provided in the file and complete a small survey. Once this survey is completed, the downloader will be given a password required to unlock the file and you will be paid for the survey the downloader completes.

The exciting part is the amount of money market research companies pay per survey. Depending on the country where the survey is being taken from, you’re paid $0.8 and above. If the survey is being taken from the United States you can be paid up to $1 for each survey filled.

Pay Per Download Tips

Below are some PPD tips you can use to multiply your earnings.

The types of files that generate the most number of downloads

  • Artist or Indie music
  • Websites that offer format conversion, like Word to PDF
  • Interesting eBooks
  • Tutorial videos, like guitar lessons for example
  • Mobile apps download

Mediums you can use to promote your files


Thousands of people download files using torrents on a daily basis. This creates a plethora of opportunities you can avail. Create a zip-ception, a zip file within a zip file that is locked, provided with a link to password. The sheer amount of people that will rush to download these files with amaze you.


Take interesting content you have and promote it on your YouTube channel, with the link to your download in the video description. With more than 3 billion views every day, the chances of your video being seen are substantial. This method is proven itself to be quite lucrative for that use it correctly.

The method to PPD success is straightforward, all you really have to do is be creative with your approach, and share the content and files that catches people’s attention enough for them to check out and download a file.