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Online Business Ideas: 6 Ways To Start Your Business

If you’re looking to create a business using the internet then you most likely will be looking for a few online business ideas.  I have launched over 60 different online businesses in my career. I’ve learned a lot about what type of online businesses work and what doesn’t.

If you’re looking for some inspiration…..you’ll find some ideas to start with below!

I went ahead and created a list of the top 6 online business ideas that I’ve put together after years of experience. These are some of my most tried and tested ideas that just about anyone who wants to start an online business can pick up and use.

Without further ado….

Top 6 Online Business Ideas

Affiliate Marketing

This is by far my #1 favorite way to earn a living from home. It’s personally responsible for adding millions of dollars to my bank account over the last 7 or 8 years so I highly recommend you get familiar with affiliate marketing.

It is by far the hardest business to get into on this list but of all the online business ideas out there. This one you’ll benefit from at least understanding what it is.

Affiliate marketing is a simple concept to understand. As an affiliate, your job is to send interested people to a related merchant. When that person buys something or performs some sort of action that the merchant wants. The merchant then pays you a percentage of the sale or a flat fee for referring that person to them.

It’s dead simple to understand but the tricky part is sending the interested people. I could dedicate at least an entire book on the methods for sending interested people to a merchant but that’s for another day.

You just need to know that you can make tons of money with affiliate marketing. If you’re looking for a more in depth guide to affiliate marketing. I’ve created an affiliate marketing guide that you should take a look at!

In short, if you plan on doing business of any kind on the internet. You absolutely need to at the very least have a understanding on the concepts of affiliate marketing.

Self Publishing eBooks

It’s never been a better time than now to start getting into writing as a career option.  Thanks to the internet, you don’t have to have a big corporate publisher behind you to make a living as an author.

You can literally start publishing in second from now with the invention of the Amazon Kindle marketplace for e-Books and even the iTunes store. You can easily publish your own book if you want.

I’m betting that nearly every individual reading this blog right now has some insider knowledge of some subject that someone would want to read about.

What do you like to do?

What do you do for fun?

What are you passionate about?

Find out what that “Something” is and write about it!

Then submit to Amazon Kindle and iTunes. It’s simple!

As far as online business ideas go. This is as straight forward as they come.


Blogging is one of the most popular online business ideas around. I personally blame the media for giving too much spotlight to the small list of bloggers who’ve managed to become hugely successful at it.

It seems as if anyone whose ever heard of “blogging” thinks it’s a get rich quick opportunity. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

To start a successful blog, you need to be creating very interesting content for whatever market you’re in. Not only that, you’ll need to create it on a regular basis.

That means at least twice a week you need to be posting a huge blog post that is interesting to your readers.

Oh did I forget to mention that you also need to do this for 2 years straight before you start seeing any real money coming in?

That’s the average rate it takes before the search engine decides to start loving you.

If you can get through all of this, then blogging might be a good idea for you.

However, my advice is to avoid blogging until you’ve already built an audience around you.  Or start blogging and do something else while you wait for your blog to become popular.

Giveaway Free Websites

I’ve been doing this for the last couple of years and making pretty good money doing so. Not too long ago, I found a really awesome service that will pay you to give out 100% FREE Websites.

These websites are already setup and ready to make you money. It’s a pretty simple & straightforward internet business.

There are a few initial costs to get started but it’s one of the more simpler online business ideas out there.

If you’re interested in getting paid to hand out free websites, just hit the link and banner below for more information!

online business ideas

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Start Freelancing

This is more like a job idea than an online business ideas but you can still turn it into a business if you want.

Freelancing allows businesses to hire you for particular jobs depending on your skill set.  Most businesses will put up an ad on sites like Upwork for a particular job and you as the freelancer will submit a bid on the job. The jobs range from simple things like performing data entry all the way to complex computer programming.

I can almost guarantee that you will find a job that will match your skills on that website.

However, this is pretty much just a job that you get to choose your own work & hours. You still have a boss and you still have to make sure their happy.


Dropshipping has seen much better days. It used to be a bit more popular back in the early days but has seen a decline in popularity simply because it’ just not very profitable anymore.

However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t still a way to start an online business with it.

Dropshipping is similar to affiliate marketing. You find the customers for the merchant, get them to order a product, take their payment, and then send the order to the merchant for fulfillment. You make money by adding your own markup to the product.

For example,  the merchant sells a Samsung TV at a lowered wholesale dropshipping price for $1,299. You list and sell the product for $1,499. You end up making $200 for sending them a sale. It’s pretty simple.

It’s nice because all you have to do is find the customer. The merchant has to take care of all the hard work like shipping and packaging.

That’s it for my personal list of online business ideas.

Starting an online business is one of the most rewarding things that you can do for yourself.

It doesn’t have to be difficult either. You can make it easy or hard.

The only advice that I can offer you is this:

Don’t ever give up on it. I’ve created lots of internet businesses only to have them fail right out of the gate.

However, it just takes one little success to breed even more success!

Keep at it 😉

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