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Motivated to Start Home-Based Business by Being a New Mom

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Woman Is Drawn to Improving the Process of Making Children’s Impressions

It was the birth of her daughter in 1991 that motivated Cyndi Chambers to begin looking seriously at home-based business options. Cyndi had always worked in sales and marketing with large companies, and it was time for her to bring her strengths and talents into her own business.

Cyndi took an art class at the city college, and through a series of events (and being a new mom), she was naturally drawn to the whole concept of clay and making little impressions of her daughter’s hands and feet. “There are indeed hand impression kits on the market as well as businesses that make children’s impressions,” said Cyndi. “I wanted to improve upon the process that would really capture the tiny lines and wrinkles in the baby’s hands and feet.” As a result, she came up with the concept of Pitterpats®.

Pitterpats is not a do-it-yourself kit or a mold or plaster of paris-type material. Pitterpats is a kiln-fired clay with a colored gloss finish. Cyndi believes what sets Pitterpats apart is the quality of the product and most definitely the marketing. “Parents absolutely love it!” she says. “I have customers that drive 3 hours to get their children’s Pitterpats.”

Probably the most touching sentiment is through the cards and letters that Cyndi has received over the years; although it’s pretty endearing when a daddy picks up the Pitterpat of himself and his newborn son’s hand and gets teary-eyed at the door. “That happened several years ago, and I’ll probably never forget it; how precious! Says Cyndi. “I do realize how very much Pitterpats is appreciated, and I never take for granted this amazing gift to be able to touch so many lives. It’s like a treasured picture or a video recording of baby’s first steps.”

Pitterpats is not a franchise but rather a business opportunity with a single license fee, and there are no royalty fees or quotas to meet. For more information on Pitterpats, visit www.pitterpats.com or email info@pitterpats.com. HBM

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