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“Mompreneur” Invents a Better Way to Teach Kids to Tie Their Shoes

Sharing Her Creation with Parents Everywhere

Wendy-WellingBy Home Business Magazine

There is a type of small business owner, one that often controls a household’s spending, knows what is missing from the marketplace, is a mother who finds inspiration in her children, and is not afraid to try new things — the “mompreneur.”

Meet Wendy Welling, inventor of Tie Buddies. Before moving her work a little closer to home, Wendy was a marketing director. A time came when Wendy realized she wanted to spend more time at home. She was volunteering in one of her daughter’s classrooms, helping kids learn how to tie their shoes, using all the age-old tricks (bunny ears, loops), when it hit her; there has to be a better way. That was the impetus for Tie Buddies.

Wendy knew learning to tie your own shoes is a big step for kids and their parents. She also noticed with velcro, slip-ons and many working parents, that kids were getting older and older before learning this important lesson. Tie Buddies are designed to help kids ages 3 to 9 and their parents conquer laces. The characters clip onto each lace and make shoe-tying, story time. After seeing the excitement from her own daughter, Wendy decided to share her creation with parents everywhere.

For Wendy — the mother of two — working from home definitely has its advantages. Her work day ends at three o’clock in the afternoon when the kids get home from school. There is no commuting and no interruptions. For Wendy, this means she is more productive.

Starting a new business is definitely scary, but Wendy felt success when Tie Buddies turned a profit in its second year. Wendy knows that is thanks in part to the publicity her business has gained by word of mouth and social networking.

Tie Buddies is definitely a hit, but Wendy is not done yet. She hopes the business will grow by 60% over the next three years. Being a mom and running a house didn’t slow Tie Buddies down. Now Wendy Welling is an up and coming, successful, mompreneur — one who says she has a few more product ideas up her sleeve. HBM

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