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Mom Starts Online Travel Business

Motivated by Desire to Foster Culturally Aware Global Citizens

By Home Business Magazine

Kaamna-Bhojwani-Dhawan,-MomaboardMompreneur Kaamna Bhojwani-Dhawan launched Momaboard.com to encourage global travel with kids.

Mompreneur Kaamna Bhojwani-Dhawan of San Francisco was inspired to start Momaboard.com when she couldn’t find online resources for traveling with her infant son. “I could find multiple resources for travel in general,” she said, “but little specifically for parents, and there really was nothing that spoke to me from a personal, human perspective.”

Her home-based business started as a one-person operation, with outsourced services and supports such as a website designer and a publicist. She has developed a large network of “mombassadors” — real mothers from around the world who contribute first-person advice and expertise for traveling moms.

Her qualifications as the maven of mom travel are unassailable. During the first two years of her son’s life she traveled with him to India, Singapore, China, Japan, New Zealand, Spain, Hungary, France, Croatia, the Czech Republic, and Dubai. She believes that it’s important to expose children to all kinds of cultures, sights, foods, and people in order to create cultural awareness and tolerance.

Prior to motherhood, Kaamna was an editor for Affinity Labs — since sold to Monster Worldwide in 2008. She launched three online networks for Affinity, two of which are now named Excelle and HRPeople. She’s dabbled in a few startups since then, but Momaboard.com is her first official business enterprise of her own.

Kaamna hires a nanny daily who frees her for uninterrupted and concentrated work at home. Yet she travels frequently with her son in order to provide new content for the site and maintain the first person perspective so important to the site’s freshness and honesty.

Promotion is heavily based on social media outlets — SEO for the site, a Facebook page, Twitter, and email campaigns. Guest blogging is a big component as well, and her public relations firm pitches the media nationwide.

Momaboard.com’s primary customers are parents who are interested in traveling with their children. Working from home is a natural, as her whole perspective is about sharing day-to-day life with one’s children.

Kaamna is happy Momaboard.com has become a household name in parent/child travel — the “Travelocity” of moms on the go with children in tow. And she is working on partnering relationships to grow revenues and the range of services available to her fans.

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