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MILLIONAIRE Spotlight – E-commerce

All rights reserved. © Edward De la Torre Contact info : edward@edltphoto.com http://www.edltphoto.com/Sheena Sujan, founder of Sheena Sujan accessories. All rights reserved. © Edward De la Torre Contact info : edward@edltphoto.com http://www.edltphoto.com/

Already a successful model attuned to the pulse of the fashion industry, Sheena Sujan started a self-named accessories line in 2013 as an e-commerce company. Her keen eye for fashion has helped propel her products from an unknown status to accessorizing Hollywood’s A-list celebrities.

Before launching her product line, Sujan had owned a Bollywood Dance Academy, where she taught students the art of Indian film dance. This experience offered an easier segue into home business ownership.

Sujan’s staff promotes her brand online, including through SS Style Look, a promotion that encourages customers to show off their favorite Sheena Sujan looks through images they share on social media. Her connections in the fashion industry have also helped her business. By letting her team handle the promotional efforts, Sujan has more time to work on the creative end of the business.

Her handbag line targets women of all ages. The Italian leather totes’ and purses’ clean, simple lines and crisp structures are both classic and up-to-the-minute in solid black, hot pink, and various shades of brown. Sujan also sells several styles of faux eyelashes named for the glamorous queens of Hollywood’s golden era: Audrey Hepburn, Ginger Rodgers, Sophia Loren, and Brigitte Bardot, etc.

“It [is] highly rewarding,” Sujan said. “Having a home-based business has many benefits, including being tremendously effective.” She added that working on her business at home increases her productivity and lowers her stress. Plus, she spends more time with her family—always a major perk for home business entrepreneurs.

Sujan hopes to further expand the brand’s scope and reach in the coming years. For more information, visit www.sheenasujan.com.

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