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MILLIONAIRE Spotlight – Business Services

Shane DouglasShane Douglas, Senior Vice President, ACN

Chronically, Shane Douglas fell into a few of the typical entrepreneur’s pitfalls: working 80-hour weeks and starting businesses with heavy up-front investment with little remuneration later. He felt disillusioned about entrepreneurship, since neither financial freedom nor flexible scheduling panned out for him.

When he first learned about a business that earned a residual income, he could hardly believe he could outearn his traditional businesses while staying home to do so. “It just seemed too good to be true,” Douglas said. “But after really looking into the industry, I discovered many people that had achieved incredible incomes.”

Douglas felt that if others could do it, he could, too. He loves the simplicity of the business. “Your income is earned from the monthly bills everyone pays every month and can’t pay off,” he said. “You don’t need to have sales skills with our program; you just need to know people who pay utility bills and essential service bills…Our program gives you the ability to earn income every month when you or someone else pays essential monthly service bills.”

More than anything, word-of-mouth advertising has helped his business grow because customers rave about the money they save on their monthly bills and have the opportunity to receive services such as their cell phone service free each month.  “It’s always exciting to know that you’re in a business that doesn’t have a niche market approach, meaning so many companies today are trying to sell you on why their product is better,” Douglas said. “We’re just saying, ‘Hey, let us see if we can save you money on something you’re already paying for and will pay for the rest of your life.’”

As more people join his business, Douglas feels satisfaction as he’s freeing them from working jobs or schedules they dislike. “[They have] a true opportunity to have no limit on what they can earn or the financial levels they can achieve in life,” Douglas said. “I have been fortunate to be a part of helping many individuals turn their financial lives around.”

He also enjoys passing on the benefits of no commute and total control over one’s time, which he finds is the best part of his business. “The industry has proven that the sky is the limit, and I am looking forward to where we can go and how many can go with us,” Douglas said. For more information, visit www.bthe1.com

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