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Making Money Online Doesn’t Have to Be as Painful as Pulling Teeth: 7 Solutions to For Earning Money Online

These days, we’re all looking for better ways to make money. With low work wages, fewer job opportunities, and larger amounts of people working far later in life it’s important to be creative. To be successful you have to be ready to invest in your own home business, or dedicate large portions of your day to something other than surfing Facebook or playing games on your mobile phone.

Luckily for you, it’s not that difficult to make money working as a part of an internet business. Most of these opportunities don’t make you pay anything to join, yet offer lucrative options to help you avoid a boring 9-5 workday or overnight gig. These ways to make money online often offer smaller streams of consistent cash that starts adding up.

Your online business can be your secret savings

Imagine if you made an extra $100 dollars a week from online businesses, and saved all of that money in an account that you refused to touch. In just a year, you could save over $5,000 ($100 x 52= $5200). This money could put a down-payment on a house or car, never impacting your normal salary.

If it’s too good to be true, don’t buy it

The only downside to working online are online scams. Because there are so many great opportunities, you can immediately forgo unknown or untested sites that offer you big promises of striking it rich without time and effort. You should also immediately establish if a site has been around for a while and that it has good rapport before you actively start working.

Start keeping track of the time you spend, so you know how much you can make in any set period of time, and understand what your objectives are, and you’ll be on your way to making money online!

To help you on your journey to financial freedom, we’ve compiled 7 great resources to help you make money for free (except for your time and energy) online:

#1: ABC News Suggests Taking Surveys and Pitching Products Online in “5 Ways to Make Money Online From Home”
ABC News
(Source: ABC News)

#2: You Could “Make Money Blogging,” according to ProBlogger

(Source: ProBlogger)

#3: Kiplinger provides “10 Ways Stay-at-Home Moms and Dads Can Make Extra Money”

(Source: Kiplinger)

#4: CBN suggests options like Google Cash and Secret Shopping in their article “Making Money From Home”

(Source: CBN)

#5: You can even make money on Instagram, according to the Lifehack; in their article “5 Easy Ways to Make Money on Instagram”

(Source: LifeHack)

#6: The Penny Hoarder Can Even Get You Free Money (up to $1,935.20)

(Source: PennyHoarder)

#7: The Money Pantry even compiled a list of “100 Free Ways to Make Quick Money Online”

(Source: Money Pantry)

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