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Kids’ Sports Business In Your Local Area Offers a Lucrative Start-Up

Big Money Teaching Little Kids

Company Spotlight: Kids’ Sports Business with Founder Coach Greg

A former NCAA Division 1 collegiate tennis player and an elite tennis pro for nearly 30 years, Coach Greg has found huge success teaching kids ages 3-10 with his unique mobile tennis/golf program. Even more exciting, he has found a way to enable people from all walks of life to start up and run their very own fun and lucrative kids’ sports business in their local areas.

Prompted by a parent of one his tennis students, Coach Greg says he started an after-school kids’ tennis class on a trial basis at this student’s school, offering a free session just to see what the interest level would be. Fifty children signed up for the free session, and then 30 kids were enrolled by their parents for the regular weekly class! Coach Greg quickly realized that he could earn a few thousand dollars in supplemental income working for just 30 minutes per week, and Tennis Time was born!

That first experimental class was back in 2011 and now nearly 6 years later Coach Greg and his Kids Sports Business have flourished with more than a hundred schools and thousands of kids in Georgia, California, & Florida having participated in the Tennis Time classes! Adding GolfTime a few years ago, Coach Greg has stumbled onto a goldmine in kids sports and is excited to share this opportunity with would-be entrepreneurs!

According to Coach Greg, the opportunity to hang out in a pair of shorts, be your own boss, and have a business with unlimited earning potential, and work around and with kids is a dream come true for many looking to get out of the rat race and find a fun lucrative business in their local area.

Among those who have paid the business opportunity fee and joined Coach Greg and his coaches for live training in Atlanta, Georgia: a single mom and her 16-year old daughter from Colorado, a 73-year old retired businessman from Tennessee, a pastor and his wife from Ohio, a former businessman from New Jersey, and a sales rep from Maryland!

“This business is for anyone and everyone looking for either part-time supplemental income or big-time full-time income! You can scale this as big as you want and we train you to control how fast and how big you grow it,” Coach Greg explains.

“If you enjoy children and like sports,” Coach Greg says, “there’s no better opportunity for you.” There’s absolutely no experience necessary. Coach Greg and his team of coaches can teach anyone everything they need to know to get their very own kids’ sports business started in just a matter of weeks.

In fact, the basic business package, which costs just $4,995 and includes a potential payment plan, includes a full week of training in Atlanta, Georgia that covers absolutely everything a new kids’ sports business owner needs to get their business up and running and into profit mode! Coach Greg and his team of professionals also help all new business owners create their own brand, including logos and website creation, and a social media presence.

Coach Greg emphasizes that as a year-round business it’s always an opportune time to get started. If you are entrepreneurial, love kids, and looking for a fun, exciting business that you can run part-time or full-time and get into profit mode fast, then contact Coach Greg and his team today to learn more!

If you’d like to learn more, visit www.KidsSportsPreview.com . You can also email the Tennis Time and Golf Time team at info@tennistime.biz or call them at 1-844-kids-biz (1-844-543-7429).

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