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John Reese’s Epic Journey

I was a moderator on Digital Point forums back in 2007 when I heard about this John Reese guy.  One of the other moderators had a VB plugin and was blown away when Jon promoted it and he sold over 10,000 units of it.

This was at the time I just had launched AuctionAds and I wanted to get this guy onboard.

So I looked up John Reese’s information at DigitalPoint and shot him an email.  His first response was something like “How the hell did you get my personal email?”.  LOL.  So I told him.   He offered to do a interview with me about it  and send it out to his list.

We did and he sent so many users… like 3x what I already had.  Really a turning point in the companies launch.  I would go on to sell the company for millions a few months later.

John was the original pioneer of informational products.  Everyone was selling e-books for $9 back in 2004 but John put out a product called “Traffic Secrets”,  priced it at $997 (It was one of the first video training series) and launched it with a big affiliate push giving half of the money to affiliates.  He made over 1M dollars in the first 24 hours.  Other people took note and that begin’s the product launch of “guru’s” selling $1,000 to $5,000 info products for years to follow with the prime being 2009 where I participated in 4 of them and did well over half a million in commissions.

I got to know John really well.  Since 2007 we have met up in person many times and talked on the phone regularly about new businesses we were working on.

I went on to do the ShoeMoney System,  Offer Pools,  FreeSEOreport, LinkControl, ParProgram and other companies.  With every one I consulted with him on the marketing approach and overall products.

Meanwhile John went on to follow his passions.  He opened a custom automotive shop in Orlando that became the “go-to” place for souped up cars.

John also started a video game development company in Hong Kong that focused primarily on building Xbox games.   He gained a ton of experience and connections outsourcing programing tasks that he created another company called “Outsource Force” that was all about how to find great developers overseas, how to negotiate price, how to build specs properly… etc etc..

John also engineered the marketing,  training video’s, and got all the affiliates for the “Amazing Selling Machine” product which is now located at amazing.com.  It has generated tens of millions in revenue.

So today John is launching a new product called GERU.   It is truly amazing and a must have for any business.  I have been using it since early beta last spring and seeing its evolution to being released is unreal.

GERU has many features (watch the video to see all I wont go over it forever).

I use GERU primarily to do business modeling.  With the ShoeMoney Network its VERY complex with TONS of moving parts.  So with GERU I plug in what I am doing and I can simulate exactly what changes what does.  Like if my conversion rate goes up X much here what does that look like.  If I were to put in an affiliate product at X dollars and it converted at X what would that look like?

But it does so much more.   Like CRAZY amounts of more.

Just check out the video cause I can’t possibly do it justice.

What I can tell you is that it totally opened my eyes to possibilities of scenarios of what if’s and help me make decisions that has made the ShoeMoney Network such a success.

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