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Increasing Conversions IV – Elements That Decrease Conversions on Your Website

In our latest blog series ‘Increasing Conversions’, we discussed a number of ways with which you can increase the conversion rate on your website. You must have noticed over the last 3 blogs of this 4-part blog series that a lot of thought and consideration goes into optimizing a website for visitors that later generates tangible results.

If you have recently started an online business of your own, you must be painfully aware of how difficult it can be to generate relevant traffic. Even after sorting out their channels, and funneling the right traffic to their website, most people can’t figure out why their website visitors click away. Don’t worry, now that you have reached the final part of this blog series, you have armed yourself with the knowledge required to turn that around.

We have two remaining elements that can significantly affect your website’s rate of conversions.

#9 Not Using A Website Design That’s Compatible Over A Range Of Devices

Nowadays, all contemporary websites use a responsive website design. This web designing method differs greatly from traditional websites as it makes them adaptable to whichever device they are accessed from.

Millions of people today, browse sites on their smartphones and tablets. If you wish your online business to be accessible to these people, you will therefore, need a website that can change its design to suit the screen size of the user.

Responsive web designs are one of the main methods that websites now use to expand their market base and reach, resulting in the creation of many more tangible leads. For many users, the only reason why they bounce away from a website on their tablets and smartphones is when they see an outdated website design that is tedious to operate. Users want all the main elements to be at their finger tips, are difficult to find on traditional sites.

Due to the limited screen size of small devices, all the main functions and features of a website should be out there in plain view of the visitor. This is the very purpose that a responsive design fulfills; it simplifies the website layout for all types of users for easy access and conversion. If you are looking to rapidly increase your rate of conversions, this is the first website element you should invest in upgrading to.

#10 Not Highlighting The Aspects That Make Your Business Or Brand Credible

Click to the website of the first well known brand that comes to your mind. You might notice a couple of things that most websites fail to do; not providing clarity, functionality, and proof of quality. These are the aspects that inspire trust in your consumers for your brand or business. If you want your website to be received well by every person that visits it, try the following.

The content on your website should be crystal clear and precise; imparting information that is useful. This information should be such that your visitors can use of it to make an informed decision. Last but not the least; provide testimonials of your satisfied clients and customers on your website, so that others can see the positive aspects of your product or service.

This concludes the 4th and last part of our blog series ‘Increasing Conversions’. If you wish to start seeing results soon, implement the changes we have discussed and start making money in the fast lane.

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