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Increasing Conversions III – Elements That Decrease Conversions on Your Website

If you have been following our latest blog series, you must’ve learned a great deal about Increasing Conversions on your website. This blog is the third in this series; here, we will continue discussing the elements that negatively impact the conversion rates on your website.

To funnel fresh business to your website, so far we’ve covered things that should be added to your website, and best practices that should be adopted to get the best results. We will continue in the same stead and share more ideas and techniques that can aid you in your mission to make more money online.

#6 Not Generating Leads through Popup Prompts

If you are a provider of quality content, products, or services, that people actually want and come from all corners of the web to receive; having such a rapport with your audience is a great achievement in itself; but not leveraging it to generate more leads is a waste of opportunity. If visitors are specifically clicking on your link to get access to what you provide, they will positively click again when you ask them to subscribe to you website.

The takeaway here is that as a provider of something that people want and look forward too, try to get as many subscriptions as possible through prompts that request your visitors to subscribe for updates you do. Conversions are known to drop significantly when your loyal visitors don’t subscribe to the updates you make. Reminding your regular visitors of new content and products is one of the best to increase your conversion rates.

#7 Landing Page with Long Videos and Unclear Opt-Ins

When a visitor lands on your website, there are multiple factors required to make a conversion. The landing page must provide information that is useful in making an informed decision and have a call to action that generates results. Having a lengthy video on your website is thus, actually counterproductive to your goal, as visitors find it tedious to watch through the whole video. If they happen to watch the video, it is not clearly guiding them on what to do next, and this also creates confusion.

The takeaway here is that if you have a video, consider taking the important information from it and make bullet points so that visitors can quickly skim the page. Alternatively, consider shortening the video and making it as brief as possible. Apart from that, your call to action and Opt-ins must be clear, the steps to attaining what you are offering should be easily understandable, and the opt-in process should require as few clicks as possible, allowing instant opt-ins.

#8 Changing Headlines of Your Posts Unnecessarily

When operating a website, the aspects that get updated on a regular basis are blogs, company news, and affiliate marketing articles. When a blog or article gets updated, put some thought into the title you give to that piece, and stick to it. This is because changing headlines once it’s uploaded hurts the consistency of the traffic your website receives, significantly impacting the conversion rates. When you change the headline, you change the very thing that Google’s crawler indexes first. This resets the progress you’ve made so far with the first headline.

This concludes the third part of the blog series on Increasing Conversions. Stay tuned for the final part to know all about the tactics that hurt conversions and are unknowingly used by people to this day.

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