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Increasing Conversions I – Elements That Decrease Conversions on Your Website

Creating a home based online business and using a website store is becoming increasingly common nowadays. Not only is it simple to setup, but also quite simple to manage, not to mention, an extremely lucrative idea that can earn substantial returns.

Given that this form of business is easy to start, in order to be successful, there are countless other factors that need to be considered. As a home based online business, what you need most is traffic that converts into customers; in short you need conversions to be profitable.

This time, we are creating a blog series that focuses on mistakes website owners make, which reduces the rate of conversions. Anyone can create a website, but creating a website that generates favorable results is a different matter altogether. Let’s say you have a product with the potential to sell, and an attractive website, but what you may not have is a consistent flow of visitors to your website. This means that you need to implement best practices that make it easier for visitors to browse through your website and generate results.

Mistakes That Are Hurting Conversions

There are various website layout methods and approaches that have developed over the last decade and have quickly become obsolete because they made operating a website extremely tedious. However, the problem is that there is lack of awareness and this is why these obsolete methods are still widely in use by many business owners. If you are looking for a competitive edge, the first you need to do, and in some cases, the only thing you need to do, is to eliminate all these elements from your website. These include:

#1 Offering too many choices in pricing

The first mistake online businesses make is that they offer too many pricing options to their visitors and potential consumers. If you think about it from the point of view of the visitor, every pricing option adds another layer of complexity that slows down the decision process of your customer.

For example, many websites that sell software packages offer too many variations. Customers are torn between which one suits them best and this stops them from making their up minds quickly. During this time, they find a better alternative or a low quality product that has been made simpler for them to understand quickly.

The takeaway here is when you are selling your products online, strive to minimize as well as simplify the number of choices you have available. This will increase the conversion rate by reducing the time your customer spends making up their mind.

#2 Not offering the “Start Here” page

Having an online business means that you are taking measures to drive traffic to your website. This means that the source of traffic generated on your website is mostly fresh visitors who don’t know who you are or what you offer.

This is a real issue, especially if takes your visitor a lot of effort to understand your website, because then, they are highly likely to search for other alternatives. Prevent this from happening by creating a “Start Here” landing page that is solely meant for new visitors. This page will give your visitors the lay of the land; you can talk about your company, the products or services you offer. In short, all the information the visitor needs to comfortably make a decision about whether to purchase from your website.

This concludes the first blog of the series on Increasing Conversions. Stay tuned for the next blog in which we will discuss more mistakes that negatively affect your conversion rate.