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I have a few questions for you…

Heyyyyy Everyone!

I recently wrote a guide that taught people how to create their first passive income stream using only their computer….I received so many great responses and had so much fun answering your questions that I wanted to extend it a bit further.

If you’ve ever had any questions about making money online or do not know where to start or just want to chat with me, leave me a comment by scrolling down below! I’ll do my best to answer every question you have in as much detail as possible. I really want to hear from you and help you achieve real success online!

Also, if you’ve got a moment, I’d love for you to tell me three things:

1.  What’s your single most important question about making money from home?

2.  What is your MONTHLY income goal that would let you live the life you want?  (Hint: Don’t play safe here. Let yourself think big.)

3.  Why would it make a difference in your life to start earning that income in the next 1-12 months?

I’m interested and would love to hear from you…..leave me a comment below 😉

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Ryan Oakley

  • I m looking for something that will pay off if I work at most of this is scams and I dont invest my money because most work at home income is just a scam to get your money.

    • Ryan


      I totally understand where you are coming from as I have been there before. In fact, it took me around 2 years to wade through all of the scams and find something that worked for me….

      However, I will warn you….in order to start and create a real business from home…you will need to spend money and if you do not want to spend money, you will have to work very very hard to accomplish even a little bit of success.

      In fact, even if you had all the money in the world, you would still need to put in the work to achieve success.

      When looking for a business to start, you should never buy into anything that claims there is “no work required” as anything that makes money, requires work.

      Another thing to note, if you are just starting out, it might take a few months to a year before you see a real profit. Even if you were start an offline business, you’re more than likely wouldn’t see profits for a little while.

      With all that in mind, I’ve been experiencing a great deal of success with the Plug In Profit Site and it’s been around for a long time now, since 2001. It’s a perfect starting point for a beginner and if you follow the training, you can’t fail.

      You can find that here: http://www.pluginprofitsite.com/main-39790

      I really hope that I helped you here and if you need anything else. Please let me know.

      It’s nice meeting you Jessie!

      Ryan Oakley

      • Ian

        Ryan, I am looking for a real program that I can invest money with real return say up to 3 to 4k a month, not Ponzi schemes, but like etoro seems ok. U have any ideas

        • Ryan


          It’s nice to meet you!

          If you are looking for something to invest in that will pay you returns without work, I cannot help you as there are no such businesses that I know of that are legitimate and I can almost guarantee that you will lose all of your money if that is the way you plan on going about your business.

          If you are looking for something that you can invest in and work it at the same time then I would highly suggest the Plug In Profit Site. There are no “guaranteed” returns but you will be able to create 5 different streams of passive income and build a solid business while you are at it. It will take some work and if you want to see a faster return on your dollar it would help if you invested it in building your business.

          You can find that here: http://www.pluginprofitsite.com/main-39790

          I’ll warn you that if all that you are looking at doing is to just invest money and get a return with no work you should try the stock market or getting into venture capital and stay away from the investing in “internet programs” as they are almost all scams and you’ll more than likely get burnt before you make any profits.

          You need to invest your money and work to make sure that your investment is safe!

          All the best,
          Ryan Oakley

  • 1) Every day, I get bombarded by money making emails. I either do not always understand what they are talking about or, I do not know if I am getting spammed. How can I tell what is worth something?
    2) 5-10,000
    3) So many goals and dreams will finally come true.

    If possible, I would much rather talk to you on the phone. My number is, 985-629-4195.

    Thank You,
    Mike Triche

    • Ryan


      It’s nice to meet you Mike!

      I am going to try and answer your questions individually….if anything is unclear
      to you or you have more questions. Just reply back 🙂

      Believe me, I know the feeling! My Inbox receives hundreds of different offers and opportunities everyday. Here’s what I learned over the years…..IGNORE THEM! You really need to find a solid business of your own and work it! You do not need to pay attention to any other emails unless they are from people who are involved in your business. It eliminates the need to to even bother checking if it’s spam or not.

      It’s very possible to create the kind of income you need but not without focusing on a proven business and seeing it through. You will need to work and invest a little bit of money into your business for it to grow. These 2 things cannot be avoided. Finding the right business does not have to be hard. I usually look for something that has been around for a long time and has a good reputation. Also, I don’t go with businesses that make outrageous claims that there will be no work required. Those just do not pan out in my experience.

      I’ve been working with the Plug In Profit Site for a long time now….they’re a solid business that has been around for over 10 years. The support system is very good and the training is excellent for beginners!

      It’s truly a pleasure to meet you Mike and if there is anything else I can help you with. Let me know 🙂

  • cristhina fabiano

    I want to make a real money online,,, i dont want to be scammed again,,, please help me, i want a real passive income

    • Ryan


      It’s nice to meet you!

      First, I want to warn you that to create a passive income from home, you’ll have to be prepared to work and possibly invest a little bit into your business. Are you able to do this? If not, then I am afraid that you will continue to be scammed by the opportunities that pray on people that are looking for a free ride.

      If you are prepared to put in the work and follow the necessary training as well as instructions that are provided then I would recommend you take a look at the Plug In Profit Site…it’s the perfect place for beginners to make money online.

      You can take a look at it here: http://www.pluginprofitsite.com/main-39790

      Remember, never be discouraged if you don’t see results right away….keep working and be persistent and you will see that success that you crave!

      If you have anymore questions, let me know!

      Ryan Oakley

    • Leif Frode

      One should read this before signing up, or google it 🙂 //createmyhomebusiness.com/i-have-a-few-questions-for-you/

  • hamza

    I worked to make mpney online by click the ads ,they ask me to watch ad For few seconds and take dollars but everywhere is only and only scam and fraud ,no one and pays nothing .so i do not beleive in working online to make Money this is onlu and only and only frauds scams

    • Ryan


      It’s nice to meet you!

      It sounds as if you are going about creating an income from home all wrong. What it sounds like is happening is that you are joining the kind of “business opportunities” that are not legitimate.

      It’s very easy to spot these kinds of scams because they all claim that you can make money doing virtually nothing or by performing simple tasks such as clicking a few ads or something like that. Basically, if it says something along the lines of “no work required” or they are promising quick returns you should run away!

      When it comes to making money or starting your own business, there’s simply no way to avoid working or investing money into it.

      Also, if you are brand new and just starting it may take a few months of solid work before you start seeing results. Rarely will you ever see immediate returns.

      I really hope you do not become discouraged because it is possible for anyone to make money online. I’m living proof of this.

      Let me know if you have anymore concerns.

      Ryan Oakley

  • fayyaz

    Sir i do not know how to start and i am a pakistani from village my income is very short and poor person please tell me how i can start and increase income reply me in easy way thanks

    • Ryan


      It’s nice to meet you!

      I understand what it is like to be very poor and completely sympathize with your situation having been there before.

      If you don’t have too much money to invest in your business then you will have to compensate this by working extra hard!

      It is very possible to achieve success by working hard and saving as much money as you possibly can to invest in your business. Come up with some sort of savings plan that will put away x dollars per week towards your business. While you are saving you can learn as much as you possibly can for free. When you feel that you have enough grasp on the basics and you’ve saved enough money then start your business!

      Being poor or not having enough money should never be an excuse, it should become your biggest motivator!

      All the best,

  • sam

    thnkx much.Many sites require fee to get started.if not so,pls then gv me the steps to follow abt online money making

    • Ryan


      It’s really nice to meet you!

      Unfortunately, it is extremely difficult and time consuming to make money online without spending money. Although it is possible to make money for free, it might take some work and a lot of time!

      I would recommend that if money is tight, you come up with a weekly savings plan that will give you the necessary capital to invest in starting your own business. While you are saving, you should be reading and learning as much as you possibly can!

      The only thing you absolutely must have to make money is the motivation and focus to make things happen!

      Let me know if you need anything else!

      All the best,
      Ryan Oakley

  • hamzah

    Hey Ryan,

    These are the 3 things you need to know;

    1. What is the best business online and how do I start.

    2. $50k a month consistently for next 10 years
    3. Because I failed and got scammed couple of times and rite now I could hardly earned doing online. And so I keep searching for the rite one to come.

    If you could help me with this I’ll be glad to follow.


    • Ryan

      1. There are many different awesome businesses you can start but if I were a beginner and wanted to achieve the most success possible as well as learning useful skills that I can apply to future ventures then I would highly recommend the Plug In Profit Site.

      Here’s the link to that one, review the video and material written there: http://www.pluginprofitsite.com/main-39790

      If you have any questions about that one, let me know and I’ll happily answer them.

      I will warn you though, you will need to stick with this for at least a year and really learn the training.

      You need to stop searching for the “right” one and make this the “only” one as you will continually fail if you hop from one business opportunity to the next.

      This one has been around for 8-10 years now and is truly a long term business and it’s one of the first system’s that made me money online.

      You need to start the process of learning the skills necessary to create income from scratch and the Plug In Profit Site is a great way to do that.

      Here it is again: http://www.pluginprofitsite.com/main-39790

      Ryan Oakley

    • Leif Frode

      One should read this before signing up, or google it 🙂 //createmyhomebusiness.com/i-have-a-few-questions-for-you/


    How do I increase my email address data base so I can use it for my business? How effective is internet marketting without spending much and getting trapped in legalities?
    I wish to earn $40000 to $50000 per month. Is it possible?

    • Ryan


      It’s awesome to meet you….

      It sounds like you are already on the right track – you must build your email list if you intend to create an asset that will continually pay you income for a lifetime!

      Building Your Email List IS VERY IMPORTANT and if you are looking to make money online, you need to be actively doing this!

      As far as increasing your list size, you will need to create a landing page system or what’s called a squeeze page system. I am not sure how much you know about landing pages and squeeze pages but it’s absolutely necessary that you create one. Once you have one of these setup, you’ll need to drive traffic to it. While you are driving traffic to it, you should be constantly testing the conversions of the squeeze page. This means how much of your traffic subscribes to your email address. You should be constantly improving your conversion rate by tweaking your landing page. It would require me to write another thousand words or so to go in depth into each step to growing your mailing list but hopefully you get the general requirements for this.

      Also, you shouldn’t only be worried about growing the list size number. You should also be worried about building a responsive and a relationship with your list subscribers. This is very important because even a list of a million people won’t matter if people do not trust you enough to purchase things from you.

      If this all sounds like it’s way over your head, don’t worry, there is plenty of training and landing page services out there that can assist you with this. Let me know if you would like for me to point you in the right direction.

      Internet Marketing is as effective as you make it, you will need to spend at least some kind of money to make anything work in my opinion. You can spend as much as you feel comfortable with. You can set your own budget and prioritize your spending towards things you do not know how to do yourself. You’ll also have to be continually working on growing your business. If you want to make your business work, you have to treat it like a business and constantly push yourself to do as much as you possibly can.

      You can earn $40,000 to $50,000 per month if you’d like – it’s very possible but it may take quite a bit of work and learning before you can reach that level.

      I hope this helps and if you need anything else. Please let me know!

      All The Best,
      Ryan Oakley

  • Hello Ryan, Nice to meet you, okay okay here, I’m working a lot with this project you introduced me, I will soon be debuting my My Advertising Pays.

    I believe a lot in this project Plug -in Proft, Mr. Stone is Master also, like you, Together

    we’ll help more people.That’s it.

    Thank you

    Francisco Dias.

    • Ryan


      It’s awesome to meet you as well!

      I’m really excited that you decided to give the Plug In Profit Site a try and I’m positive that you’ll be satisfied with your results!

      I still remember when I first found the Plug In Profit Site and how it changed my outlook on everything!

      Keep on going and I hope to see you at the top of the leaderboards one day!

      Take Care,
      Ryan Oakley

  • I have been trying to get money on line I have not got a cent.

    • Ryan


      It’s nice to meet you and I truly hope that you do not ever become discouraged from attempting to make money online!

      Is there anything specific you would like to know? I would love to help point you in the right direction!

      I really appreciate you taking the time to leave me a reply here and if you ever need anything, don’t hesitate to drop me another comment 🙂

      All the best,
      Ryan Oakley

  • Alexandru Florian

    Hello Ryan Oakley,

    I’ve got a big issue!

    I haven’t got the money to start following a plan to change my situation and also no time because I have to work as a employed only and after I could arrange to have free time and learn about new knowledge what I know that You will present to me.

    But not now.

    Thank you very much!

    • Ryan


      It’s really nice to meet you and I understand your situation completely. In fact, I think that’s how most people who are making money online now started out as well. That’s how I was when I first got started….I spent my day’s working my regular job and my nights hunting ways to make money online. It’s amazing what I was able to pull off when properly motivated.

      Honestly, if you ever want to quit your current job – you’ll need to find a little extra energy and spend that time you have away from your job – working to make a living online!

      Try to find a couple of spare hours whenever you can and really apply yourself to learning how to make money online.

      If you need a push in the right direction, let me know and I’ll gladly show you how I learned to make a full time income from home 🙂

      All the best,
      Ryan Oakley

  • souad

    Thank you for your attention

    Read the message mike and found problems like their e-mail messages without they found no benefit.

    I want to help me and show me the right way because I am in desperate need of money to improve the family my circumstances note I do not Atguen English only through the translation of Tunisia, and I thank you

    • Ryan

      Hello Souad,

      It’s nice to meet you!

      I know exactly what you are talking about and I sympathize with you because everyday I receive hundreds of different offers and opportunities in my email and it can be extremely overwhelming. You should do what I learned over the years to do and just ignore them unless they come from someone involved in your primary business or you know that you can trust to give you good information.

      What you really need to do is become focused on one thing and one thing only – BUILDING YOUR BUSINESS!

      You must find something that works for you and focus on it 100% without becoming distracted by the other offers and opportunities out there.

      The Plug In Profit Site is what works for me and I highly recommend it for a beginner.

      You can find more information on that here: http://www.pluginprofitsite.com/main-39790

      Let me know if there is anything else I can help you with 🙂

      All the best,
      Ryan Oakley

  • I’m young but I’m tired of living the same day after day, yes I understand that I should take the time I have and be patient but I want to make a change. I get emails about making money everyday.. Some I want to believe but u don’t get many hours at work so I really can’t do much, I do not want to get scammed. I just want to stop living paycheck to paycheck

    • Ryan


      It’s really nice to meet you! I hope all is well.

      I hope that you understand that while you should always remain patient, you should never remain frozen. Your age does not matter, the only thing that matters is that you have the motivation to make a change.

      You absolutely need to take action and start moving forward! If I were you right now, I would be in full on learn or die mode! Get started learning the fundamentals and basics to creating a full time income from home. It took me close to 2 years before I really figured out how to make a living online and I tried every possible “business opportunity” type scam out there while I was at it so I understand exactly what you are going through.

      The fear of getting scammed is very real but you need to make sure that it doesn’t paralyze you from taking action and making a positive difference.

      If you ever need any assistance or need a push in the right direction….let me know by replying to me here. I’ll help you to the best of my knowledge because I really want you to experience the excitement of making your first dollar online. The happiness you feel at finally being able to replace your dead end job and “fire your boss” is unlike any other feeling you’ll ever experience.

      All the best,
      Ryan Oakley

  • Nahashon

    Hello Ryan, My name is Nahashon. I just feel i have allot of questions to ask, Fist may i thank you for now i can see change since you sent me the email to enter so have started anything and if yes what should i do next and how can i confirm that i am on the right way Those messages when will they start making any thing and how please you know for sure it is an exitment and i dont know how it will end. My dear, it is like a sweet smell to a hungry person it just make him more hungry and no idea how he will get something to eat.. Good day. Nahashon

  • Hello Ryan and thank you for asking me to ask you anything,lol. I am also in internet marketing and I need some advice. I am making money with MAPS but that is the only thing that I have made money with. I need a couple of other products or affiliate sites to make money with.
    Can you help me with that?
    Perhaps we can skype randy.allison4 is my skype address.

    Please get in touch and lets talk.

    Randy Allison USA

    • Ryan


      It’s nice to meet you! I am sorry that I do not use Skype at the moment but I will answer you to the best of my abilities and if you need anything else, please just reply here and I will be more than happy to help you out.

      As far as MAPS go, it’s always good to have at least one thing that is working for you but you are right to look for more things as having multiple streams of passive income is the way to go.

      If I were to recommend something for you, it would be the Plug In Profit Site which has the benefit of building your MAPS downline for you and offering you a chance to build another 4 different affiliate residual income streams on top of that. It has the best training you can find for beginners and I would highly recommend you take a look at it to see if it’s a fit for you.

      Here’s the link to that: http://www.pluginprofitsite.com/main-39790

      You will be able to focus on the MAPS system and at the same time build your other 4 income streams while you are it. I can’t recommend it highly enough!

      All the best,
      Ryan Oakley

  • Deric

    What’s best way to close leads?

    • Ryan


      It’s really nice to meet you and I can see that you are already on the right track because you are asking the right question 🙂

      In my personal experience, the best way to close a lead is to really pay attention to what the lead’s main objections are to whatever you are selling. You need to ask them why they are not taking action and then answer those objections in a way that leaves them with no doubt that the product is right for them.

      You also need to make sure that you are keeping in regular contact with the lead as nowadays people’s attention span is very limited because they are being bombarded with different offers and pitches and information. You need to work hard to ensure that your marketing message is always directly in their face. It’s crucial that you do this.

      I hope this helps you out and please let me know if you need anything else!

      All the best,
      Ryan Oakley

  • Gabrielle jones

    I am also tired of being scammed because it has happened to me three time so I do not know what’s real and what’s fake

    • Ryan


      It’s incredibly nice to meet you!

      Believe me, I know the feeling very well as I fell for a lot of scams and tricks before I really discovered how to create an income using the internet. However, never become discouraged by this! You will figure out if you keep at it!

      Here’s what I can recommend you do in the future so that you do not get scammed anymore…

      – Never fall for any “business opportunity” or “program” or “system” that promises you a quick return or no work required. There is no such thing as a fast and easy return on your dollar for doing nothing. There is always work involved when it comes to making money – no matter how much money you spend, you will always have to do some kind of work!

      – Stick to ONE business at a time! You need to find a business that you can build over time, one that may not make you instant money as soon as you join but one where you can build it brick by brick. Don’t hop into one business after the other if you don’t make money right away. Stick it out for at least a year and genuinely work at it.

      – Never stop learning! You should be consuming a ton of information on making money online and constantly observing what works for others and start applying that information as soon as you can. This is key to really finding what works for you and what doesn’t.

      – Don’t get distracted! Once you’ve found a solid business with a workable guide or system you should focus on that and never losing your focus. Work at building the business and you will be richly rewarded in the long term!

      I hope this helps you get through all the garbage out there and I sincerely wish you the best in your future endeavors!

      Ryan Oakley

  • Joe

    Thanks for your genuine concern to help others. However, one of your programs included in the so-call “pluged-in-profit site” has come under criticisms in the manner the Admin. runs the business while others are either too expensive for low income earners to afford or it takes too long for one to realise any income if at all they do generate any earnings to its members.

    Another intriquing thing is that you do not have absolute control over these websites if any at all; so i do not see how you can quarantee success in a business you do not control or own.

    I wish you more courage for your endeavours.

    • Ryan


      It’s really nice to meet you!

      I appreciate the fact that the Plug In Profit Site is not for everyone. All I can say is that it has been around for close to 10 years and has made me quite a bit of income. I also understand that not everybody has a favorable financial situation but I would like to go ahead and say that in order to make any kind of money – you will need to spend money! Not only this, you will have to work in order to make anything work out for you!

      Not only that, if you are just getting started and have no marketing assets to begin with – you won’t see profit right away! It’s just like any other business out there, if you are looking for something that promises such a quick return on investment then you will more than likely fall into the many scams that promise such things.

      There really is no such thing as a “fast return”. There is no way getting around the fact that nothing that is worth having will be so easy to achieve.

      I see a lot of people getting caught up looking for a fast shortcut to making money online and they end up getting burned at every turn. You should consider changing your thinking instead of chasing a quick buck, you should be learning the basic skills of internet marketing and how to build marketing assets that pay you no matter what.

      As far as the website goes, you do in fact have complete control over the website that the Plug In Profit Site provides you with….in fact this is the website that they give you for free and I have made numerous changes and am in the process of redesigning and changing everything about it to work better for me. The beautiful part about the Plug In Profit Site program is that they even teach you how to change and modify the website they give you.

      I really wish you the best in your pursuit of making money online. If you need any assistance at all, please do let me know 🙂

      All The Best,
      Ryan Oakley

  • Patrick Ndungu

    recently I have invested in some online programs but never succeeded.. I am very passionate and I love making money online but am always dissapointed.I need you help in this online journey to secure my future..Thankyou

    • Ryan


      I understand completely where you are at right now…Believe me when I say that I have been there before.

      The important thing you need to hold on to is a positive attitude. You will fail at times but take those failures as learning experiences and move on. Try to figure out what you did wrong when you failed and make sure to never repeat it again!

      You really need to find a proven system or a business that has been around a very long time. Once you’ve found the right one, you need to stick to it for a long time and keep working it. Don’t hop from one opportunity to the next. Also, you should be learning and building the necessary skills to support yourself in any future endeavor.

  • Павел

    Hello! Perhaps I would like to do business on the internet but have not yet figured out all the subtleties and also make the initial kopital needed everywhere! And I do not have it yet!

    • Ryan


      Nice to meet you!

      I do understand exactly what you are saying but you really need to come up with a plan to learn everything that you possibly can and begin saving up as much as you can each week in order to invest in your business when you are ready!

      You should be reading everything you can to learn what you can do once you have the appropriate capital to get invest in your online business.

      Thanks again for taking the time to leave a comment!

      Ryan Oakley

  • Hi Ryan!
    Thank you for your help. For more than two years I have been trying to make some income through internt business, but until now I have only lost money. But I believe that i’ll succeed if I keep on working and trying. I am looking for a team, I have realized that I can not achieve my goals by myself.
    I have some big dreams that will happen only if I have enough support.
    I appreciate your help and wish you all the best.
    From Brazil,
    Ana Lea Guimaraes

    • Ryan

      Hey Taofiel!

      It’s really nice to meet you and I’m really excited to see that you still have a positive attitude!

      If you are able to overcome all of the negativity that comes from failing over and over again. You will definitely succeed at making money online!

      I was just like you when I first started but I kept trying to make it work and eventually it did!

      The best way to get started is to copy and learn from someone else that is more successful than you are!

      If you need anything else, please let me know 🙂

      All the best,
      Ryan Oakley

  • Hey Ryan, i was following your link and regested in (pluginprofitsite) and i was do all the step but in the final i do not understand the (ns1.pluginprofithosting.com

    • Ryan


      If you registered with them and you have purchased your domain name, you’ll need to change your nameservers of the domain to those. You can do this by logging into your account that you purchased your domain with. If you need further assistance, the Plug In Profit Site Support team is awesome and they can probably do this for you 🙂

      All The Best,
      Ryan Oakley

  • Joshua E.

    Hi, Ryan

    For the plug-in profit site setup, when it asks for the affiliate ID# for each of the 5 programs, does that mean to put down my username for that program? In other words, what exactly is an affiliate ID#? And how can we locate this info after signing up for each program?

    – Josh

    • Ryan


      It’s nice to meet you and I’m super excited that you decided to join the Plug In Profit Site! You won’t be disappointed because it’s truly an awesome way to learn how to make money online!

      As far as the setup goes, your Affiliate ID is your username but to ensure that you are using the right affiliate ID, you should login to each of the affiliate programs you signed up for and locate the referral link or affiliate link and find the unique id inside of it. This is your affiliate id and it’s the best way to figure out which one is which.

      Also, the Plug In Profit Site support system is one of the best I’ve ever encountered and they’ll be able to locate these for you if you have anymore trouble.

      Let me know if there is anything else 🙂

      Ryan Oakley

  • Ikem

    hello Ryan
    i am truly interested in this truth or hype thing but the only problem i have is being afraid that it is another scam.
    please tell me more about them.
    thank you.

  • Ricky Mashaw

    Ryan I want to make money at home, so if I earn enough I can take my sons fishing in my new boat,(pipedream) pay off my bills, and do what I can to help the homeless ,especially veterans in this country.

  • ugwu



  • James S. Miles


    In answer to your questions:

    1. What is it going to cost to make money online. Everything I see has fees and purchases required, or you can join for free but have to upgrade to accomplish anything.

    2. $8,000.00 – $10,000.00 monthly

    3. This amount would combine to cover the disability payments I would lose, and restore my income level to where it was before I became unable to work a traditional job.