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How to Use Twitter Analytics for Your Small Business


Twitter has recently made its Twitter Analytics available to all users. Previously available only to advertisers and verified users, think of the dashboard as the Google Analytics for tweets. It will give you information and data on how your tweets have performed.

Here are ways you can use Twitter Analytics for your small business:

Gauge the performance of your tweets

If your goal is to increase your reach as well as amplify how others engage to your content, it is important to know what works – and what does not. Knowing the performance of your tweets can help you identify the methods and strategies that have worked for you, and make sure that you continue using them. For tweets that did not elicit any engagement, you may want to report it using a different tone and approach.

The Analytics dashboard will provide you with data on the number of impressions your tweets generated over the last 28 days. You can see which tweets did the best in terms of impressions and engagements, which is defined as the number of times a user has interacted with a tweet such as clicks, retweets, replies, follows and favorites.

By looking at your engagement rate (number of engagements divided by total impressions) of your tweets, you may be able to see any patterns in your winning tweets that you can replicate:

  • What is the subject matter of the tweets with the highest engagement rate?
  • Are they written as questions or lists?
  • How many characters do the winning tweets have?
  • Is the link in the middle or the tweet or at the end of the tweet?
  • What and how many hashtags did you use for your winning tweets?
  • What were the reasons some tweets got a high engagement rate?
  • Was the higher-than-average engagement rate due to a user’s engagement with the tweet?

Understand who your followers are

The Twitter dashboard allows you to see the most unique and top interests, location as well as gender of your followers. This information can help you determine if:

  • You are attracting the right type of followers
  • Know the topics that your followers are likely to find most interesting, thus helping increase your engagement rate.
  • Know the influencers that you need to follow and others are following

Export your tweet activity data into Excel, and then a column on the topic of the tweet as it corresponds to the Top Interests in your users. This approach can help you identify the tweets that work.

Twitter has created this highly informative infographics on how to use Twitter for your business. With the availability of Twitter analytics, you will be able to achieve more from your participation in this social media platform.

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