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How to Stimulate Your Home Office with Feng Shui

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Improve the Flow of “Chi” in Your Work Environment

By Giselle Rondon

Feeling like you’re stuck? Things not working out? Trust me. I’ve been there already. As the owner of a home office, I am always seeking ways to maximize my productivity and by extension, my earning potential.

One of my initial concerns when creating my office was how to make the space a reflection of me and an environment conducive to drumming up ideas. After doing extensive reading, and through trial-and-error, I’ve found a plan that works.

I started out using the first principle of Feng Shui*; which is knowing what I wanted to create. Once I had determined that my goal was to have a productive business, I was ready to move on to step two.

Step two or the second principle of Feng Shui* was locating the “power spots” (places that were most directly related to my goal) in my home. In my case, the power spot was the area surrounding my front door. This is also the primary focus for career and money issues (this applies whether you have a home office or not).

The tips listed below are what I followed to draft and bring to fruition my blueprint:

1. Ensure that your front path welcomes “chi” — the life force present in all things. The path to your front door should be curved, slightly wider at the street end. If it isn’t, you can create the impression of a wider space by using potted plants. The path to your front door should also be free of clutter; trim overhanging branches and overgrown shrubbery. Remove any obstacles from your front path (such as a recycling bin, kid’s tricycle, etc.).

2. Use your front door often. Your front door is your home’s mouth of chi. If you don’t use the front door often, make a point of going in and out it from time to time.

3. “Open up” a narrow entry. If there is a wall less than six feet in front of you when you enter your front door, it may be blocking your ability to move forward in your life. The best solution is to place a large minor on the wall. Make sure it is positioned so you can see yourself fully in it when you enter.

4. Keep chi from flowing out the front door. If you have a stairway leading to the second floor that begins in line with the front door, chi could be flowing down the stairs and out through the door. Use a basket or potted plant at the foot of the stairs to “catch” any chi that might be flowing down the stairs.

5. Keep chi from flowing out of the back door. A hallway that cuts straight through your house from the entry to the back door can funnel chi out the back before it has a chance to nourish the home. Slow down the flow of chi with a runner with a pattern that runs across the width of the hallway. A round table in the centre of the foyer also slows down chi.

6. Focus on furniture placement. Major pieces of furniture should be positioned so that they give you a view of the doorway, preferably with a solid wall behind you for support, and a little bit off to one side so you are not directly in the path of the chi coming in the door. If furniture can’t be arranged in this order, hang a minor so that you will be able to see the door from where you sit or sleep.

7. Fix your mailbox. Your mailbox is symbolic of your contact with the outside world. Any problems with it can restrict the positive flow of opportunities and contacts into your life. If you live in an apartment, write your name on a sticky label and place it on the mailbox where the mail carrier can see it.

8. Fix the lock.
If you have problems opening the lock on your door, you may also find it difficult to progress in life. Doors represent your ability to welcome opportunities and to move out into the world. Use WD-40 on the sticky locks and on any squeaky hinges. At the same time, ensure that your doorknob is easy to turn.

9. Fix leaky windows and plumbing. Leaky or cracked windows are holes in your home through which chi and resources can leak away. Also, in Feng Shui, money is represented by water. A leak in the house will mean a leak in resources.

10. Clean your stove. Your stove is the symbol of your wealth and prosperity. Clean it thoroughly, scrubbing away all the grime. If it is broken, have it fixed. (This applies even if you do not use the stove very often).

11. Make room for the new. If you would like a new career, you need to make room for it, literally. Get rid of any old stuff that may be holding you back energetically.

12. Clean off your desk.  If you are having trouble getting work done, a cluttered desk could be part of the problem. This extends to clutter on your hard drive. Get rid of all the unnecessary items and pack away what you don’t often use.

13. Watch your head. If you have trouble focusing on work, the shelves over and around you may be the reason. Shelves directly over your desk can put pressure on you subconsciously. Move shelves to a location away from your desk area.

14. Don’t work in the bedroom. Working in the bedroom is a temptation to sleep or take a nap. An office in the bedroom can also affect your sleep. If you must work in the bedroom, use a screen as a divider for the two spaces.

15. Air out your house. If your life could use a breath of fresh air; oftentimes your home may need it too. Stale air will deplete your energy supply. Open up the house everyday for at least 15 minutes.

16. Bring in moving water.  Because money is represented by water, it is a good idea to have a water fountain or aquarium in the house. A water fountain works best by the front door. Make sure that the water flows toward the interior of the home.

17. Activate the career energy. Consider dark blue or aqua for walls, furnishings, upholstery, and accessories like curtains and throw cushions. Use curvy wave-like shapes for furniture, fabric patterns, and decorative pieces. Place imagery or photos of waterfalls, rivers, lakes, or the ocean. You can also go one step further and set up a sound machine that reproduces the sound of a mountain stream, rain, or ocean waves.

18. Quiet your mind. This final tip happens to be one of the most important. Being still for a few minutes a day lets your inner wisdom come through. Relax, close your eyes and do some breathing exercises.

These tips were very beneficial to me in creating a home office that meets all my needs. The life shift that I experienced was quite profound. Someone else’s might be more subtle. In either case, what you do get at the end of these applications is a feeling of empowerment; which is something I’m sure that we all don’t mind having. Being in control of your business, your career, and your life is the greatest reward. So, my advice is — approach Feng Shui with an open mind and get ready to experience the power of transformation.

Feng Shui* First and Second Principles

The first and second principles of Feng Shui* can help you make your home office space a reflection of you and an environment conducive to generating ideas:

First principle of Feng Shui*; which is knowing what you want to create. After determining your goals, move on to the second principle.

Second principle of Feng Shui*; which is locating the “power spots” (places that are most directly related to your goals) in your home.

Apply these principles, and you can take control of your business, your career, and your life.   HBM

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