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How To Create Your First Passive Income Stream Using The Internet

Get Your 1st Passive Income Stream Setup For You In The Next 5 Minutes…

Everyday I come across the same question when it comes to making money online……where do I start?

I’ve been making a full time income from the internet for over 8 years now and I will say that I have probably seen or read literally every possible opportunity or product that has come out in that time period. It’s always the same variation of the same product over and over again yet people seem to always have the same questions. People will fall over themselves for a solution that is easy.  How do I make money? How do I get started? What do I do? How do I do this?


Honestly…..I am sick and tired of it!

I decided to create a completely free guide that will get you on track to making a real income using only your computer. You do not need any skills or technical expertise to follow this guide. What you will need is the want to make a positive change in your life. You’ll need to focus and pay attention to every word as I walk you through creating your first passive income stream on the internet. 

In this post, I will walk you through step by step exactly what I do whenever I want to create a passive income stream on demand.  It’s the way that I’ve made thousands of dollars in completely residual income over the last couple of years.

Let me clear something up first before we get started…..I AM NOT GOING TO SELL YOU ANYTHING!


This will not be a long pitch for some other product that will make you millions of dollars in an hour or any other distraction that you may of seen in the past. I am every bit as sick and tired of being pitched whenever I check my email or visit my favorite websites as you are. There will be a few recommendations in this guide that you can take advantage of if you choose that will make your life easier when it comes to creating your first passive income stream on the internet but that is entirely up to you to take advantage of it.

I will warn you before we get started that making money online requires time or money or a combination of both.

Other people may try tell you different but in all of the years that I have been doing business online, you will never create a real income without investing time or money. This method that I will be teaching you today will require a combination of both money and time but it will not cost you a fortune and it will be completely affordable.

If you want to learn how to create on demand passive income whenever you want…read all the way through this post and follow the steps exactly as I outline them.

Ready to get started?


Grab a cup of coffee and let’s get to work!

Step 1:  Join The Digital Altitude Program

It’s incredibly important that you start off with a sales funnel that is proven. There are a lot of things that you must do to make real money online and one of the most crucial things is creating a sales funnel that will convert your traffic into cash. By yourself, creating a sales funnel is extremely time consuming and will most likely require a significant investment in web design, copywriting, and testing. These are all very advanced subjects that most people are not likely to learn overnight.

So instead of creating a sales funnel from scratch, we will use one that is already created for us and will convert our traffic into cash on complete autopilot. All we will need to do is drive the traffic to it which we will cover in the next step…

>> Click Here To Join Digital Altitude

The Digital Altitude Program has been around for awhile  and paying average people like you and I millions of dollars in commissions just for helping other people make money online. I give it my highest recommendation and it’s one of my biggest residual income streams. They pay me close to $2,000 every month on complete autopilot all for traffic that I’ve sent them over the last couple of months.

>> Click Here To Join Digital Altitude

I don’t have to do much work to maintain this income either and it’s the first step in creating your own stream of totally passive income. Here’s the awesome part…..it’s just $1 to get started!


Here’s the best part, with Digital Altitude, you won’t have to follow up with your traffic to convert them into sales. They do this for you on complete autopilot. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try to keep in touch with your downline though, it’s always good to do your own followup.

The beauty of the Digital Altitude system is that whenever you get someone to signup with them, they will receive 1 on 1 personal coaching with an internet marketing expert that will walk them through how to setup their internet business. It really takes all of the hard work out of the entire process. All you need to do is send traffic and watch as your income skyrockets!

Once you’ve joined Digital Altitude, it’s time to move on the next step which is sending droves of targeted traffic straight to your new Digital Altitude Sales Funnel!

>> Click Here To Join Digital Altitude

Don’t worry, this is the easy part!

Step 2:  Flooding Your New Sales Funnel with Targeted Traffic

Sending traffic is not as hard as most people make it out to be. There are literally hundreds of different methods that can generate you hand’s free traffic and it’s not rocket science either. It’s extraordinarily simple using the methods I outline here, you can generate easy traffic to whatever offer you wish whenever you want! Since we are promoting the Digital Altitude offer, I will outline a few of my favorite methods for promoting them. Some of these methods are paid methods and some of these methods are free. I strongly recommend that you do as many of these as you can. The more traffic you send to your Digital Altitude link, the more cash you will receive!


Here’s a few of the methods that I use every day to send fresh sign ups into my sales funnel….

Traffic Method #1: Get Your DA Message Seen By 127,500 People Every Month

One of my favorite methods for generating consistent traffic to my web offers is using List Bonus. I have personally used several list builders like this to refer hundreds of new customers into my Digital Altitude downline and it’s so easy to do that you absolutely must incorporate one into your marketing efforts.


All that being said, the reason using List Bonus works for me is because I take consistent action and have paid money to reach the highest amount of members. The one I want you to get started using is called List Bonus and it’s one of the most responsive sources of advertising I have used to this day.

First, you’ll need to join List Bonus below.

Important: In order for you to receive the maximum benefit, it’s highly recommended that you get the Platinum Upgrade. This will allow you to reach 8,500 people every 2 days. That means your marketing message will reach 127,500 inboxes every month. The potential for traffic is truly mind blowing and with the Platinum Upgrade you won’t receive any distracting emails from other List Bonus members either. If you can’t afford it right now, keep it in mind for later as you do not want to miss out on all the potential traffic that this will bring!

Even though you definitely can setup a free List Bonus account and email 1,500 people today, this is NOT the best way to use List Bonus or any service like it.  The best way and the only way I use services like List Bonus is as a fully upgraded member myself which allows me to email many more people than free members, and most importantly – NOT receive any distracting and time-consuming emails myself from List Bonus members.

List Bonus Ryan Oakley>> Click Here To Join List Bonus

Here’s how I setup a mailing with List Bonus….

Once you’ve joined List Bonus….login to your account by clicking here.

You should see something like this below….


Click the “Send Mail” button at the top of your List Bonus Member’s area.

On the next page, you will see a message that says Mailing Status: Available.


As a Platinum List Bonus member, you can send out any message you want to 8,500 other members every 2 days. This lets you to promote your site 127,500 times a month.

Next, scroll down the page and find the fields that ask you to enter the URL you want to advertise, the subject line of the email promotion and the full body text of the email:


In the URL You Are Advertising field, enter: http://aspir.link/c1/?da=YOURID&t=listbonus

WARNING: Make sure you replace YOURID with Your Digital Altitude username! You should of received it in an email and it’ll also be in your member’s area!

In the Subject field, enter: I’ll keep this short…

NOTE: Feel free to change up the subject to something unique if you think you can make it sound better. It’s always better to use unique content when creating an email marketing campaign. If not, use the one I’ve provided as it converts really well 🙂

Then in the field for the email body, enter this:


In the last 5 months 167 people have been able to quit their full time
job and tell their boss “your services are no longer needed.”

===> Are You Ready To Join Them? <===


Simply click the link above and you’ll learn exactly what they did.

More importantly, you will learn how you can join them.

To your success,
Ryan Oakley

Remember, change your link to your Digital Altitude link and Your Name to your name 🙂

Once you’ve copied and pasted your ad text in, you would then want to review it and make sure it was all correct. Once it is, then click on the “Send Message Now” button.


You can now sit back and relax and wait for the next few days to come so that you can mail again. You’ll see traffic almost immediately after you hit the Send Button which will result in leads and sales to your new sales funnel. Isn’t it exciting?

Traffic Method #2: Turn On The Traffic Faucet Using EasyHits4U


You’ve already learned how to setup a successful email marketing campaign but there is a lot more to making money than just using one method to generate traffic. In order to become really successful you need to keep the momentum moving forward. Your next step in generating traffic is to take advantage of Traffic Bonus.

I am personally using EasyHits4U to generate upwards of 75+ visitors a day without lifting a finger. It’s truly an automatic and super effective advertising machine!

Here’s the easy steps I use to make money with it….

First create a free account by visiting the banner below or clicking here.

Once you create your EasyHits4U account, login and then click the “My Sites” link on the left side of the page.

Once you’re on the My Sites page, click the “Add a Site” button in the middle of the page.


After that, enter your DA Link and any title you want for the site. Then click the Submit Website button.


Remember, your DA Link will look like this: http://aspir.link/c1/?da=YOURID&t=easyhits4u

If you do not have credits at this time, click the “Surf >”, “Upgrade” or “Buy Credits” button inside your account to explore the different ways of gaining advertising credits.

How To Make This Work For You 100% Passively & Automatic

First, you need to click the “Account Settings” link at the top of the page.


Scroll Down to where it says “Auto-Assign Ratio” and set this to 100%. Click “Save Changes” to save it.

From now on, every credit that you receive will be automatically assigned to your DA link that you setup earlier. This means now that you don’t have to login and assign your credits each time you want traffic.

Upgrade Your Account

The 2nd thing you’ll want to do to make this totally automatic is upgrade your account. This will give you a monthly allotment of credits so that your traffic is 100% automated. That means you never have to login or do any surfing or anything else. Just set it and forget it!

I’m an upgraded at the “Ultimate Member” level so I get 1000 credits automatically added to my account every single month which gives me 1,000 visitors every single month. That means you’ll receive 12,000 extra visitors a year which is truly great way to build your Digital Altitude income stream!

I highly recommend upgrading your account because this is the easiest way to use EasyHits4U to get a lot of visitors.

Once you’ve setup your auto-assign ratio to 100%, you won’t need to do anything further.

That’s it!

Your assigned credits will then be spent as people come and visit your site. 1 visitor to your site equals 1 credit spent.

By being a fully upgraded member myself, I get 1,000 real people every month who visit my Digital Altitude Sales Funnel affiliate link and little by little this automated advertising campaign brings in new members to my Digital Altitude team.

The key is that I don’t even think about it… I do nothing to maintain it. It’s an ad that works for me without any effort.

Once you’ve got EasyHits4U set up to work for you. It’s time to keep moving forward and  on to the next traffic method!

Traffic Method #3:  Setup Extra List Builders For Even More On Demand Traffic!

making more money online

Although, List Bonus is truly an effective money making asset to tap for unlimited traffic – it is not the only one of it’s kind out there that you should use. There are several more that I believe can really improve your market exposure but with one catch….they can be time consuming to constantly login and send an email every X days. So I will give you a quick method that I use with other List Builders.

Here’s a list of my recommended List Builders….

Mail Our ListClick Here To Join
Adchiever – Click Here To Join
BweebleClick Here To Join

NOTE: Although, it helps if you can join all of those listed above at once, it is not necessary to do it all in one day. You can space the signups of these out in order to better focus on each one individually. Also, it really helps to purchase the highest level of upgrade in these sites because the more people you can reach, the more likely you are to make a sale!

Here’s the email that I recommend you use to send on all of the List Builders

Enter This Into The Subject Field: I’ll keep this short…
Enter This Into The Link To Advertise Field: http://aspir.link/c1/?da=YOURID&t=listbuilders

Remember, change YOURID to your own Digital Altitude username.

Enter This Into The Email To Send Field:

Hi there,

In the last 5 months 167 people have been able to quit their
full time job and tell their boss “your services are no longer needed.”

===> Are You Ready To Join Them? <===


Simply click the link above and you’ll learn exactly what they did.

More importantly, you will learn how you can join them.

To your success,

making money support system

There are plenty more list builder websites out there, just do a google search and you’ll find a ton listed there. It’s worth to note that all List Builders are not the same…some are good and some are too overcrowded. The recommended ones that I have listed have all worked for me. If you find any others….let me know in the comments section and I will test them out!

Each of these List Builders will have a different process for Sending Mail but the principle is usually the same. Just copy and paste your subject and email messages/links and click send.

Here’s what I usually do when I signup for a List Builder….

I create a text document file using Notepad on my computer’s desktop and I will paste the Link of the List Builder I just joined as well as my username and password. I also note down the date I last sent an email with them and the next date that I can send email with the List Builder again.

system for making money online

I then save the document and keep it open and join another. I repeat this process every day. Currently, I am reaching 2,000,000 Email Inboxes a day with a variety of list builder sites. I am seeing close to 250+  new leads every day entering my Digital Altitude business simply because of this process I created.

Congratulations Again!

By now, you should be receiving a steady stream of traffic and even made a couple of sales if you followed this guide to the T.

Those are just a couple of the main ways that I generate traffic to any affiliate offer that I choose but don’t just stop there at using these methods to really get a huge passive income stream flowing every month you’ll need to keep learning new ways to get traffic.

money making student


You’ve got the hard part already done with Digital Altitude which will follow up and close your sales for you totally hand’s free. You just need to start sending the traffic.

Traffic Generation is a huge subject and as much as I’d like to cover it all here, it would take me years to do so.

Fortunately, if you wish to learn more methods for creating traffic there are several guides out there that can give you all the help you need.



If you’ve made it all the way down here then you are already on your way to making a real passive income from home. However, this is only one step you can take, there are still a lot left that you need to learn. You must keep repeating the steps above and applying them daily. You won’t make any money if you give up too soon, you need to keep your momentum moving!

See you soon,


If you have any questions or you just want to talk with me. Make sure to leave a comment below! I’d love to hear from you and help you out if I can 🙂


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