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Home-Based Company Owner Helps Small Business Become More Savvy

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Surviving and Thriving in the Current Economy

Lynn Sarkany has been a home-based business owner since 1994. Along with Entrepreneurs Professionals, she also owns a home-based marketing consulting practice, MarketFinders.

The types of businesses that she owns lend themselves well to being home-based, because she is either on-site consulting with marketing clients or organization members, or she is working in her office. Since she uses creativity and vision to get her work done, the more relaxed home-based lifestyle works very well for her. Prior to being a home-based business owner, she worked for a major public utility for 14 years.

Lynn was inspired to start Entrepreneurs Professionals, because she wants to help small businesses to become stronger and more savvy, and to survive and thrive despite the current economy. “It is time that someone created a safety net that will help Main St. small businesses to get back on track and thrive,” she says. Entrepreneurs Professionals also provides a needed resource for people who are in job transition and have decided to “make the jump” and start their own businesses. Members form chapters of the organization and meet weekly. In addition to just networking, members also participate with one another in business development exercises that Lynn has created that help them to become more knowledgeable business owners, as well as form trusted bonds with the other members.

Lynn promotes her home-based business through social media and through the use of a publicist. Her primary customers are owners and decision-makers of any small business or professional private practice who want to take their business development to the next level. Her best business achievement has been to play a part in helping small business owners who felt that they were out of choices and were going to fail, to see that they do have choices and options that have enabled them to save their businesses. She also feels a great amount of pride in helping people who have worked their entire lives in corporate settings to be able to create their own businesses. Lynn sees herself growing this organization nationwide to really make a difference in the growth of our country, the creation of jobs, and revitalization of our economy. And she sees herself doing this all from her home office! Visit www.entrepreneursprofessionals.com.

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