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Home-Based CEO Shares Tales and Tips from Avid Adventurers

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By Home Business Magazine

Did you know that a great catch might be related to the moon’s cycle? Or that size does matters when it comes to pitching a tent? To provide helpful hints like these and more, Scott Kelly, CEO of Black Dog Promotions (partnered with Split One Technologies), created the site http://www.FishCampHuntHike.com.

“Once a city boy from back east, I became a fan of the great outdoors as my two sons became Boy Scouts and we began to spend countless weekends fishing, camping and hiking,” says Scott. “I began to work with several clients in the outdoors industry, and the development of FishCampHuntHike.com is a natural offshoot of my passion and my work. We look forward to sharing this passion with our readers.”
scottat12newsLaunched in October of 2012, the site shares an array of fishing, camping, hunting, and hiking stories for, and written by, avid outdoors people — many with a sense of humor as grand as their love of nature and outdoor sport. “Learn how to troll for trout or net the best fishing guide; prepare for your next camping trip with a must-have packing list; hunt for tips on finding the best scope tools or landing the tastiest game; and share in the excursions of backpackers and hikers who take you for a virtual tour of the world’s most exciting terrain,” says Scott.

Fish Camp

Scott’s company, Black Dog Promotions, builds “Buzz”. The company uses its blend of publicity, viral marketing, and social media to generate massive exposure for companies, websites, causes or events. For more information on his company, visit http://www.blackdogpromotions.com . For more information on Split One Technologies, visit www.splitone.com. HBM

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