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Hobby-to-Home Business Ideas

Check out these 12 hobby-to-home business ideas!

1. Billiards – With an estimated close to 50 million billiard-pool players in the United States, teaching, holding tournaments, and competing can be profitable for the skilled-knowledgeable player. Billiard Congress of America http://home.bca-pool.com/.

2. Dancing – If you have available space and zoning permits it, open a home-dance studio to teach children, teens, or adults.

3. Exercise – Use your health-fitness degree or certificate to create personalized fitness programs for your clients who have their physicians’ permission to engage in exercises. Shape Up America! www.shapeup.org/.

4. Filmmaker – New camera technology is permitting creative and business savvy individuals to produce their own movies or custom ones for various organizations and/or businesses. Independent Film Production- www.ifp.org/.

5. Home Brewing – Beer lovers all over the world are making their own special recipes to enjoy and sell (with a license) to loyal customers or to local establishments.

6. Inventing – Use your industry and/or hobby training and experiences to create, patent, and license new products or improve existing ones. United Inventors Assn.- www.uiausa.org/.

7. Mentoring (Professional) & Business Coach – Use your business-professional experiences to assist and mentor clients with encouragement and step-by-step consultations in achieving their life and career goals. The International Association of Coaching http://certifiedcoach.org/.

8. Model Building – Hold classes and build replicas of rockets, cars, and other models for online or custom sales. Models – www.hobbypeople.net.

9. Nonprofit-Director (From Volunteering Or Life’s Experiences) – Research and gather financial resources and staff to start a nonprofit organization to foster your mission to help others. National Council of Nonprofits- www.councilofnonprofits.org/.

10. Software Designing – Using your computer engineering skills, design custom applications for clients or to sell independently. Association of Software Professionals –www.asp-software.org/.

11. Woodworking – Create out of recycled or new wood, new fashion furniture, toys, cabinets, and other custom projects for customers, clients, and businesses. Woodworkers’Assn – www.woodworking.org/.

12. Working on Vintage Vehicles (Cars, Motorcycles, Farm) – Restore entire vehicles or parts for specialized full-sized vehicles or collectors’ models. Automotive Restoration Parts & Services Links – http://metalshapers.org/links/restoration/. HBM

Priscilla Y. Huff, www.PYHuff.com, is the author of 101 Best Home-Based Businesses for Women, 3rd ed.; and writes regularly at her blog, “No Thanks. I’ll Work for Myself.” http://nothanksillworkformyself.blogspot.com/.

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