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Here’s What You Need to Know before Taking Surveys Online

Surveys OnlineWhile there are numerous other ways to make money on the internet, the most popular way is by completing online surveys. Still, there have been a lot of misgivings about this method of making money online, because it’s very difficult to find credible sites for survey taking, which also gives good monetary results.

Yes, there are a lot of credible marketing companies that find and provide valuable research for some of the major brands, while compensating the survey taker, but with hundreds of companies that are exact copycats; it’s often very hard to distinguish between them. Now, here’s how you can find the right one.

Sign Up For Research Companies, Not Directories

There are some sites that make money through referral fees, which means that after you sign up or provide your information, they will transfer you to any one of the hundreds of other survey companies that pay the referrer for any new user that comes in.

Tip: Look at the ‘about us’ section of the site to find out whether the company conducts research on behalf of actual and real clients or not.

Watch Out For Paid Offer Sites

Many sites, even when they are categorized as paid offer, present themselves as being paid survey sites. There is a lot of difference between the two, because paid offer sites are those that make money when people sign up for offers, click on advertisements, and provide their email addresses to get access to a ‘survey’.

Tip: Such sites are very easy to spot. If you have to go through a very long list of ‘offers’ to complete a survey or redeem a prize, there is a good chance that the site is a paid offer one.

Watch Out For Spyware

There are some sites that will ask you to download a program which will allow them to monitor your web behavior. While some people are okay with this requisite, others may have qualms about this. The important thing in any case is to conduct your survey taking on a computer that doesn’t have sensitive information or data on it.

Tip: There are a million of other ‘Get Paid To’ sites that you can take advantage of, if you are uncomfortable about sharing your web behavior.

Find out How You’re Paid

Each site will have their own mode of paying survey takers; some pay in cash, while others pay with products, sweepstake entries, gift cards and even points that can be converted into cash. It’s very important to know how the company will compensate you back.

Tip: Check your account after completing a few surveys for a company to make sure that they are crediting you properly. You will also get to know the time it takes to redeem points for cash or a product.

One very important thing to consider if you have decided to take this route of making money online while sitting at home; is to have a separate credit card for the purpose of monitoring identity theft and unauthorized charges. With these helpful tips, hopefully you’ll be on your way to making money online, in the safe, secure and legitimate way.