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Here Is How You Can Start a Home Based Online Business for $100 Only

Here Is How You Can Start a Home Based Online Business for $100 Only

Unfortunate but true, today’s economy isn’t doing any favors, especially for those who have just been served a taste of bitter reality in the form of a layoff notice. To make matters even worse, there has been a dearth of job opportunities which makes it even harder to land a job, let alone a good one.

Perhaps, this is the right time to bring your long lingering ideas into practice because while times may be especially hard on large companies; most small and nimble companies are able to face market uncertainty in a better manner. Here’s how you can start a fairly successful online based start-up with only a $100 dollars in your pocket!

Look For an Affordable Web Host

If you have some skill in this area, you can easily manage your business’s website yourself. There are many web hosting service providers that are affordable in their pricing, as well as offering a number of other useful services which help in successful running of the home based online business’s website.

How to Pick One: This part is easy. Simply go through reviews of recent users, focusing particularly on the time it took for the service provider to respond and resolve a problem, and how often the service goes down. For blog-centric businesses, WordPress can help during the initial stages.

Get Logos and Other Designing Done

Logos are a very important feature of a website, because they manage to grab attention of the people as well as making a website look more attractive. There are a number of websites such as LogoMaker and Logo Ease that will design a free logo based on the options you provide. The quality will vary, which is why another option is to hire an independent designer who will provide a good quality logo for $50 or even less.

Thing to Remember: Build your website starting from a simple layout and design and customize it accordingly as you go on.

Think SEO, Every Minute of Every Day

The immense value of search engine optimization or SEO shouldn’t be underestimated. Not only can this method bring your website to the top of Google’s search page; but it can also help the internet based business to ensure that you are always at the top of your game by strategizing the next move ahead of time. The best part is, you don’t necessarily have to pay thousands of dollars for an expert to optimize your site when you have helpful resources at your fingertips. Learn the basics of SEO from SEOmoz and other such writers on the subject.

Constant Promotion Is the Key to a Successful Home Based Online Business

Do you often wonder how one-man businesses succeed and become bigger? The answer is that they are big fans of promoting themselves. Through constant promotion, more people will get to know about your business and the services or products you offer. There are numerous ways to promote your home based internet startup, you only need to pick one and get going.

The Different Promotion Options: Social media websites such as Facebook are ideal for promoting your newly found online based business. You can also take up blog writing; submit your gems to StumbleUpon, Reddit etc; conduct contests, giveaway freebies on your Facebook page, and a lot more.


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