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Growing a Career From a Garden

Man Founds Company Dedicated to Using Localized Resources for Healthy Food Production

39b Justin Rohner AgriscapingJustin Rohner, self-described “new-age suburban micro-farmer,” is the owner of Agriscaping Technologies.

By Home Business Magazine

When the World Trade Center was attacked on September 11th, 2001, Justin Rohner happened to have just signed on to purchase his first home for him and his family. “I became acutely aware of how fragile our way of life was, and I was determined to use my own property and all of its resources to become self-sustaining,” he says. Following this revelation, he founded Agriscaping Technologies.

To coexist with the very strict Home Owners Association’s standards for lawn upkeep, Justin strategically integrated edibles right in his front lawn in a subtle yet beautiful way. “One day I found myself running full-sprint down the street, chasing a young neighbor girl who stole one of my watermelons!” he says. He discovered he was not alone in his desire to have access to fresh, locally grown food. Justin shares, “It all started with teaching that little girl how to gauge a ripe melon — that they ripen best still attached to the vine.”

Justin previously built a number of successful businesses including a business coaching practice. After attending the funerals of three of his grandparents in a matter of months, he decided to re-invent his life and retired from his ventures. In July 2013, he put all of his resources into Agriscaping.com.

The self-described “new-age suburban micro-farmer” explains “Agriscaping” to be an elegant blend of the best of productive, sustainable agriculture, and the best of ornamental landscaping. “We are effectively maximizing the efficient usage of scarce water and land resources, eliminating fresh food deserts, reducing waste, beautifying landscapes, and empowering a new class of agricultural entrepreneurs from all generations,” says Rohner.

Agriscaping Technologies has developed a training program that empowers local gardeners and landscaping professionals to become Certified Agriscapers. The company relies on word-of-mouth and going out in the community to teach people to create their own homestead and grow healthy, fresh food.

“After my three-step commute across the hall, I can dive into my creative work and spend my days serving others in the ways that I see fit,” he says. “Operating from home, there is no distinction between when I am playing or working.” In three years, he sees Agriscaping as a brand that makes a real difference, improving health, self-reliance, and sustainability for millions of people. Visit http://www.agriscaping.com/. HBM

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