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Making Green a Reality in your Home Business

Mia Gallina’s mother, who has run her own fish business for many years in the Philippines (first out of her home), is the reason Mia always dreamed of starting dream her own home-based business, and she is Mia’s inspiration in making Mia’s a reality. Her mother has always reached out to help others in need, and Mia is also now helping more than 30 people have decent paying jobs.

Mia was working for a law firm before she decided to quit and start her own home-based business from Arlington, Virginia, named The Green Mop, LLC.

Her business is an eco-friendly (green) cleaning business which cleans residential and commercial properties. (“No ammonia, no bleach, just naturally clean” is her company’s tagline.) The beauty of her business is that it was cheap and easy to start (just buying a vacuum cleaner, basic cleaning supplies of vinegar, baking soda, club soda, and micro fiber cloths, and getting a few people to help start cleaning).

Mia initially just advertised at Craigslist.com (where she could promote her business online for free), and the business took off from there! In just ten months, The Green Mop, LLC went from having 20 clients and three people cleaning to now having 31 people working for the company and nearly 400 clients. It is close to becoming a million-dollar revenue company within one year!

Mia’s company has been featured in the Washington Post, USA Today, ABC News, and now is scheduled for CNBC “The Big Idea” with Donny Deutsch as well as many local newspapers, magazines and web sites. Promoting her business remains easy, as people keep finding it by “googling” all the published stories about The Green Mop, LLC.

The company’s primary customers are: people with allergies or respiratory problems; those that just don’t like the smell of ammonia, bleach, and pine sol; those who care about the environment they personally live in; and numerous commercial clients.

Mia sees herself in three years selling this business for a hefty profit and starting yet another home-based business. Says Mia, “It does take effort as we do work at this business seven days per week, but that is not so bad when you work from home and can be so successful at doing so!” HBM

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