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Ghostwriter in The Sky Works from Home

Home-Based Writer Gets Into People’s Hearts and Minds and Helps Birth their Books

For years, Judy Katz ran her own midtown PR firm, 12 souls on board. Every day, there was another human soap opera to deal with, so Judy was more of a manager than one who gets to write and pitch, as she loved doing.

Meantime, all day long, her two cats were wandering around her 2000-square-foot terraced high-rise co-op. They weren’t exhausted from commuting, so why should she be?  Ah, but what, Judy asked herself, would people pay her for she would have no need to leave home? Judy was a strong writer, so the final answer that presented itself was …Ghostwriting! Ah-ha!

Since Judy knew the media, she was able to get AP Newsfeatures to do a story on her, and hundreds of people contacted her about “their book.” Sounds good? Wrong! No one of that first tidal wave of respondees had the money to actually pay Judy, but they each promised that when Judy made him or her a selling author and got him or her on Oprah, he or she would generously share the largesse.

So Judy went to some of her PR clients and convinced them that authoring a book (ghosted by Judy) would be a marvelous marketing tool. Fortunately a few agreed, and a new career was born. Judy also has another revenue stream —  doing the necessary media and marketing for their book  “After all, who better to do that than me, since I helped write it? asks Judy.  I also don’t have to market myself — my ‘authors’ (clients) do that for me.”

Judy’s authors are business owners, corporate executive, doctors, lawyers, and many other people from all walks of life who have a passion they want to share and understand what a book can do for them. “I tell people this is the perfect time to write your book, when people are feeling so vulnerable, says Judy. “And I truly believe that.”

For Judy, working from home is a great joy. Her time is her own, so that’s a big advantage. In the next thee years, and beyond, she hopefully will continue getting into other people’s hearts and minds and helping them birth their books. Visit www.katzcreative.com or email judy@katzcreative.com. HBM

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