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From Politics to Entrepreneurship

Kendra Y. Hill success storyKendra Y. Hill is the founder of IASA Consulting Group, which specializes in marketing, fundraising and brand management for small business, non-profits, corporations and individuals.

Modern Mogul Starts Consulting Firm to Help Small Businesses In Her Community

Kendra Y. Hill, game changer and  modern mogul, was about to turn in her application to run for San Antonio City Council. Strongly prepared with a campaign manager, accountant, and a publicist, Kendra was ready for her political journey. Her entire focus shifted that same day when she came across the American Express report on small businesses, which cited San Antonio, Texas and Washington DC as the top two cities for small business expansion. Knowing that she could aid in her city’s economic development and bring about the change she wanted to see, she shredded her application for city council and filled out an application to start a business.

Four and a half years ago, she founded the IASA Consulting Group, a boutique consulting firm specializing in marketing, fundraising and brand management for small businesses, non-profits, corporations and individuals. “We provide services ranging from media curation, to website development, to social media – anything that can build a better brand,” she explains. Previously working for the prestigious likes of Spurs Sport and Entertainment, Google, UNCF, and the United States House of Representatives, opportunities knocked but she wanted to take her career further.

IASA Consulting Group is social media heavy in regards to marketing, and offers an excellent referral program for current clients and friends alike. “Our primary customers are small businesses and individuals looking to develop or further their brand and garner more exposure,” Kendra said. “We love working with folks who are starting from scratch as we truly enjoy the creative process.”

With a 99% retainment of her clients, it’s no wonder her business already has three offices in America and is expanding in Europe and South America. Along with her work with IASA, Kendra is currently a partner in both a skincare solutions company and an entertainment marketing firm, and is a Christian television producer.

This fall, Kendra plans to launch the Mogul NU Entrepreneurship Program (Mogul Nurturing University), a 9-month all-digital program focused on developing entrepreneurial skills needed for the future moguls and thought leaders of America. A catalyst and game changer that was awakened at the heart of business, community and service, Kendra has paved a way for herself as a marketing and business professional, mentor and advocate for diversity. Visit www.iasaconsulting.com. HBM

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