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Food & Lifestyle Start-Ups Shine At LA Bubbly Anniversary Party

Home Business Magazine gets an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at Culver Hotel.

Home Business Magazine catches up with Meagan Sargent, founder of Identify:LA.Home Business Magazine catches up with Meagan Sargent, founder of Identify:LA, at the LA Bubbly anniversary party.

Sponsoring a celebrity event is a fantastic way for start-ups to take photos of stars with their brand, as well as garner positive celeb testimonials. These A-list “Seals of Approval” can then be used on the website and in post-event press releases to the media. On Sunday, Home Business Magazine had the opportunity to receive valuable marketing insight from some of the food and lifestyle sponsors in attendance at the star-studded LA Bubbly party celebrating the anniversaries of Identify:LA and LaLa Scoop.

Held at the West Hollywood residence of Rachel McCord, founder of The McCord List, the party honored the year anniversary of the popular Identify:LA online lifestyle publication, as well as the anniversary for LaLaScoop. At the event, writers and Hollywood socialites toasted to the anniversaries with Moët & Chandon sparkling champagne, Rocky’s Ginger Beer, and Bai antioxidant-infused health drinks. Hollywood stars like actress Emily Elicia Low also enjoyed manicures from KarmaCoats, alcohol-infused marshmallows from Sugar & Spyked, and fresh eats from Yalla Mediterranean.

Actress Emily Elicia Low enjoys a manicure from KarmaCoats.Actress Emily Elicia Low enjoys a manicure from KarmaCoats. Image Credit: Identify:LA and KarmaCoats

Other popular sponsors were the The Bouqs Company flower arrangements, B. Foxy earrings, and good hYOUMAN fashions.

At the event, Home Business Magazine chatted with B. Foxy jewelry, one of the most popular gift bag sponsors. The representative was happy to share why they chose event sponsorship as a top marketing strategy:

“Event sponsorship is a great marketing tool, because it can help you to reach audiences that aren’t local and connect and build relationships with consumers and influencers that you aren’t directly connected to,” said the B. Foxy rep. “It is also the perfect way to pay it forward and help another businesses reach their specific goals for an event.”

And how else does B. Foxy promote their products to consumers?

“We market through obvious channels, such as social media, email marketing, and blogger placement,” said the rep. “Additionally, we provide studio services for TV/Film, print, editorial, and moving media. Our network of wardrobe stylists and costume designers credits the company and blasts it to their networks when our items are used in their projects.”

B-Foxy provided sparkling statement earrings for the gift bags.B. Foxy provided sparkling statement earrings for the gift bags. Image Credit: B. Foxy

Home Business Magazine also caught up with Tamara Anderson, owner and creator of Sugar &  Spyked alcohol-infused desserts. The insightful entrepreneur was happy to share her thoughts on choosing event sponsorship as a marketing strategy.

“Event sponsorship is a great marketing avenue for both small and large businesses, as it can place you in front of your specific target market in a short amount of time,” Tamara shared. “It also increases the value of your product. In addition to event sponsorship, we also do social media marketing, marketing through other vendors, and some online magazine marketing.”

Tamara went on to share what makes Sugar & Spyked different than other confectionery brands:

“Sugar & Spyked is all about bringing a little moment of happiness to each guest at each event,” she shared. “There are two main reasons why we are different than other sweets companies:  we have the largest variety of alcohol-infused desserts and we provide an experience, not just treats. We have a dessert bar host, a.k.a the perfect combination of bartender and pastry chef, who makes dessert shots as you order. In addition, we also play games with the guests with some of the desserts.”

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