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Father and Son Business Creates a Hunger-Controlling Cookie

Helping Patients Stay on their Diets

Cookie DietBy Priscilla Y. Huff

Almost forty years ago, Dr. Sanford Siegal, a young Miami physician, realized that Hunger Wrecks Diets™. He knew that if he could control his patients’ hunger he could help them stick to their diets and lose weight. Drawing on his chemistry background and passion for cooking, he discovered that combining certain food substances in a particular way produces a mixture of proteins that offers unusual hunger control per calorie.

Dr. Siegal used his discovery to create an appetizing, hunger-controlling cookie to help his patients stay on their diets. Encouraged by his patients’ weight-loss success, Dr. Siegal added shake mixes and soups to his line of food products.

Matthew Siegal, the son and now CEO of Dr. Siegal’s COOKIE DIET® weight-loss system says their system has helped over 500,000 customers lose weight. In their private bakery Matthew says, “My father personally mixes every batch of his proprietary hunger-controlling protein formula.”

Due to increased inquiries, the Siegals launched their web site, www.CookieDiet.com to take direct orders.” They also opened seven kiosks and a Beverly Hills store, and began selling through retailers in the U. S., Canada, and Latin America. The business took off. With so much media attention, the Siegals do little paid advertising. Referrals from satisfied dieters are their best promotional method. “One woman who lost weight with our system, opened a mall kiosk and says she is selling over $100,000 a month worth of our cookies,” Matthew says.

He says working from home gives him the opportunity to “bounce” between simultaneous projects. “I may work on researching locations for future stores, then take a break and water the lawn, then go back inside and resume (business) work.”
The Siegals believe the economy has helped their sales’ growth. “People need to eat, and one reason why our business is booming is that most of our customers find it costs less be on Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet than not to be on it,” says Matthew. For more information about the Siegal’s products, visit www.CookieDiet.com. HBM

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