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Facebook Advertising III – Mistakes That Are Limiting Your Online Business

If you have followed the first two parts of this blog series, you must have noticed that the mistakes we’ve been discussing are extremely common on Facebook. So far, we have covered 5 out of 9 mistakes and this blog series is almost at its conclusion.

In this third part, we are going to continue right where we left off.

#4 Not Having a Clear Call to Action (CTA)

Calls to actions are words that urge the reader to take action. For example, on your Facebook page, you might have added a line that compels your fan following to click on the link you’ve provided. If not, then learn how to rectify this immediately. Facebook ads are a two part solution. First is capturing the attention of a user with an engaging post or status and imparting useful information; the second is adding a CTA that compels the user to do something with the info they just gained.

So many posts and status fail to make a point on this social media forum, and simply leave the reader hanging. When creating engaging posts for the purpose of gaining tangible leads, always try to conclude your post or status with a clear call to action. Don’t assume that your target market will know what to do when they see your post. Rather, tell you target market what they should do.

#3 Go for CPC Instead of CPM

Before we discuss why CPC should be preferred over CPM, let’s talk about what they are. CPM is an acronym for Cost Per Thousand Impressions, where M is the roman numeral for 1,000. CPC, on the other hand, is the acronym for Cost Per Click.

When placing adverts on Facebook, you should use CPC bidding, because you’d be in better control of the price you’re bidding. Not only will it save you a lot of money in the long run, but you won’t ever have to go above that price.

The reason behind this is simple; as your ads start to grow older, a lot of people will have already seen it on their feed. This means that the chance of getting more clicks becomes lower. Users become oblivious to the ad they’ve seen multiple times, however, this doesn’t mean that Facebook will stop showing it, but the affect it does have is you get less clicks per 1,000 impressions.

#2 Using bids suggested to you

Sometimes, when you’ve selected your target market, you are given a suggested cost per click that you’ll be charged. The cost bid is often much higher than it actually costs. So don’t get discouraged by a high suggested bid, as they are grossly exaggerated.

#1 Not Tracking your progress

If one doesn’t track the progress their ads are making, how exactly will they know if the money they’re spending is yielding any results? This is another amateur mistake that most pages are making and this is why it’s on number one. Two things should never be forgotten when it comes to online marketing, tracking progress and testing new strategies to quicken the progress.

This concludes the three part blog series on Facebook advertisements and mistakes that should be avoided to promote your business on social media.

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