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Entrepreneur’s Clothing Line Promotes Healthier, Active Living

Katie KozloffHelping Women Feel Confident Whatever Their Size

Katie Kozloff is the founder and creator of Taffy Plus Size workout wear and her newest brand Katie K Activewear. Katie came up with the idea for Taffy while she was working as a personal trainer at a local Philadelphia gym. She noticed some women who frequented the gym were bigger than size 10 or 12. Katie also noticed that these women tended to wear baggy t-shirts and unflattering sweatpants to work out. She did some research and found there were some options for workout clothing for plus-size women, but much of what was available was not stylish, flattering, or attractive. Katie then realized there was a need for stylish activewear for curvier women.

As a result, Katie created Taffy, a line of yoga and activewear designed specifically for women size 12 – 24. Taffy is a line of stylish sweats, flattering tops, and versatile yoga pants that women can wear to the gym or anytime. While developing the line, Katie realized a strong emotional connection between looking good, feeling comfortable, and actually being more motivated to be active and healthy. Her goal is to help plus-size women feel confident about the way they look in activewear, so that whatever their goals, they will lead healthier, more active lives. She later launched Katie K Activewear, an inclusive exercise apparel brand that fits women sizes small-3x, to bring all women together in the goal of fitness.

Katie’s long-term goal is to have clothing that helps women feel confident whatever their size. Many plus-size women avoid the gyms or being active, because they don’t feel confident about how they look. Katie believes her biggest challenge is helping women understand that they look and feel good now, not only after they are their “ideal” sizes. So many women want to reward themselves after their goals, but why not look good on their ways to those goals? Every woman should be able to feel confident and attractive, no matter what her size.

The best part about her home-based business is that it has become a way for Katie to connect with her mother and sister. She’s enjoyed creating a female-run family business. Katie looks forward to expanding and adding many more pieces to the product line, giving women many more workout outfit options, to inspire them to get out there and be healthy. Visit https://katiekactive.com/. HBM

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