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Earn a Seven-Figure Income!

When experience and passion combine, only one more factor remains: hard work.

Home-based entrepreneurs are successfully working from home and building businesses grossing over one million dollars per year in sales. Eleven were profiled in Home Business Magazine’s July/August 2015 issue. Their home-based businesses fell under these categories: business services, personal services, inventions, consulting, direct sales, ecommerce, and husband/wife businesses. They shared their advice and secrets to gain immense start-up success.

What did it take to succeed in a high-level “millionaire” capacity from home? Our feature interviewer, Deborah J. Sergeant, discovered that each home-based entrepreneur possessed former transferable business experience. For example, previously working in sales and marketing helped Paul Cherry, president of Performance Based Results, succeed in consulting in those arenas. Randy Rubin, co-owner of Crypton, found that her background in marketing to women and for retail companies helped her develop skills for capturing the woman’s market.

Passion for their businesses also reigned among all the interviewees. They live, eat and breathe their product or service. Passion can’t be faked, and these entrepreneurs glow with enthusiasm.

When experience and passion combine, only one more factor remains: hard work. No one becomes rich overnight. Hard work involves not only making a good product or developing a quality service, but also discovering the best way to do so and the best way to reach buyers. With all three elements in place, success is virtually guaranteed.

From her interviews, Deborah J. Sergeant also discovered that these home-based entrepreneurs’ success was due to their taking every avenue available to make their businesses known to others — both online and offline. Many entrepreneurs make it hard for clients, media and collaborators to contact them. Some lack a website, believing that because they don’t do business online, they don’t belong online. At the very least, they should post a static site as an online business card.

Others rely solely on Facebook, but this strategy overlooks potential customers without a Facebook account. They also miss Millennials who have abandoned Facebook for trendier social media. Numerous Facebook-dependent companies seldom update their walls. Visitors may wonder if they’ll ever hear back from someone with a Facebook last updated three years ago.

Some maintain terrific websites but hide or eliminate their contact information. Visitors must click on link after link hunting for it. Why put potential clients and collaborators through the hassle? Posting the information prominently or including a “contact” tab makes connecting easier for prospects.

The home-based entrepreneurs’ humble beginnings didn’t stop them from achieving 7-figure success. They may have started their businesses from their kitchen tables, garages, or spare rooms in their homes, but with their business experience, passion, and hard work, the entrepreneurs achieved 7-figure success. By taking the steps they took, and by tapping into the same skills that they [and you] possess, you, too, can be the next millionaire from home. For more information on starting a home business, visit www.homebusinessmag.com. To purchase the “Millionaires Working from Home” July/August 2015 issue of Home Business Magazine, please visit http://shop.homebusinessmag.com/Previous-Issue-of-Home-Business-Magazine_p_27.html .

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