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Create My Home Business is BACK and BETTER Than Ever!

I registered the domain CreateMyHomeBusiness.com around a couple of years ago….

My intention at the time was to use it as  a sort of central communication point that I would update frequently with exactly what I was doing in my internet business at the time.  Not only this, when I had the time I wanted to be posting my most useful methods for creating leads, sales, and traffic that I had learned marketing my businesses

This was a project I was really excited for….it was going to be fun!

It seemed like a really easy project for me to keep up with….

One of my greatest passions in life is fooling around with new ways to create websites, increase my website traffic, and managing my multiple businesses. It’s one of the few things in life that I truly enjoy.

I love anything to do with business, marketing, and sales in general. I’m a HUGE nerd when it comes to these things LOL!

The reasons I really really REALLY wanted to do this were because one of the most common things that I would hear from my customers, friends, and family was how lost that they were with what I did for a living or how anyone for that matter could make a decent living from home using only their computer.

Still to this day, I find that whenever I try to explain to people who are outside of this industry is that they all get the same confused look on their face that I’ve seen a million times…..

This blog was supposed to be my way to answer the ultimate question and that general level of confusion that I see so much…..How Does Someone Make Money Online?

However….not everything always goes the way  you plan it in life!

Life's Hard....

Within the first couple of months of me registering the domain, one of my other internet businesses took off so much that I literally didn’t even have enough time to update the design of this blog.

Let alone write valuable content that people would read. I just didn’t have any time whatsoever to do anything….so I ended up doing what most people in that situation do.  I outsourced everything from design to content creation….

This was in hindsight an extremely poor idea. The content and design of this website ended up looking EXACTLY the same as every other blog and website about making money online or home businesses. It didn’t stand out, it didn’t provide any value to the person reading it, and it especially didn’t help anyone understand the business any better.

In a world full of blogs and information, my blog didn’t stand a chance of sticking out….even though I was paying a premium to a top notch content provider. My blog never received more than 100 Visits a day. It continued this way for the next year or so.

After I realized that no amount of outsourced content could make this blog useful. I cancelled my contract with my content provider and decided to just leave the blog as it was until I could dedicate the personal attention that it needed.



Over the last couple of years of my life, my business and my personal life has changed quite a bit.

Before I even came up with the idea of this blog, I found that the more and more success I had online that the more and more work I had to do to maintain that success.

For every successful project that I had, that meant I was adding another 10-20 hours of work to my week.

Let me be clear….I am not afraid to work!

And you shouldn’t be either. There’s no such thing as success without work. It doesn’t matter where you come from, how much money you have, or how smart you are – you will always have  to work to get anywhere in life!

In fact, you’ll find that before you reach any level of success on the internet, there will be a ton of work that comes way before it 😉

I like working but I don’t want a job.  This is not the reason I decided to risk everything and start an online business.

This kind of success meant being glued to the computer for hours even days at a time doing nothing but “maintaining” the business. This meant doing all of the things that I HATED doing just to keep the business running and profitable.

This was taking it’s toll on me after nearly 10 years of running an internet business online!

My business was no longer FUN for me, my business became just like what I swore to myself when I started online back in 2006 that I would never do again…..It become exactly like working a regular job 😉

That wasn’t the only thing that I didn’t like about my business.

In 2011, I met the most beautiful woman in the world who for some crazy reason was interested in ME.

Even though we were both had extremely busy lives at the time, we spent as much time together as we possibly could. She was perfect in every way and easily the most understanding person that I’ve ever met.

After a couple of years of dating and enjoying each others company….I decided that this woman was the ONLY person that I could picture myself living with forever. In 2013, she became my wife and with that marriage I became a step father to 2 beautiful children.

My Turning Point…..

I was finding that my responsibilities as a newly married man and the fatherly duties often had to take a backseat to my business. It was nearly impossible to even get 10-20 minutes to have dinner with my new family. Luckily, I have the most understanding and considerate family in the world or I’m pretty sure this would be a very different and much darker blog post 😉

I suppose my final breaking point came a few days after I had a REALLY successful project that blew up literally overnight. The problem was with this project, there was a ton of customer interaction and tons of labor involved every time that I made a sale. This meant that I was up for nearly 48 hours straight one week just answering customers and performing the various manual tasks by myself.

It was a highly specific niche so outsourcing the labor just wasn’t possible in the time frame that I needed it nor would I be able to maintain the same success if I let other people take care of it. This was the problem and for that, I spent many sleepless nights that week taking care of everything. I think for that entire 7 day period, I ended up getting no more than 12 hours of total sleep.

The week after I pulled that insane work week, I ended up getting so sick from lack of sleep that I had to take the entire month off just to recover.  Even after a month of deep relaxation I just wasn’t the same….I lost my motivation!


I realized that this is not the life that I wanted to live. This is not why I decided to start my first online business. How much did I miss out on when I was working so hard?

Money wasn’t a problem at this point, I had plenty after all these years of working instead of enjoying my life. Why was I continuing to make myself sick for money?

After that week, I truly lost my motivation for the business. It was then that I decided to make a huge change in how I did things….

I came up with a plan. I wanted to stop working so much and start enjoying my life. I wanted to spend more time with my family and when I wasn’t doing that I wanted to spend much more time ENJOYING MY LIFE rather than working all the time.

It was with this plan that I decided to sell ALL of my most profitable internet businesses. I wanted to start fresh this time. I wanted to try something different. Instead of constantly doing new things and creating new businesses one after the other. I wanted to just create ONE entity and it would be the only business that I’d have to work on.

I wanted to simplify everything and it’s not only this that I wanted. I wanted to do something that I actually enjoyed. If I was going to write, I was going to write about stuff that is interesting to me.

This why I decided to restart the Create My Home Business brand.

After 10 years of finding success on the internet, it’s about time that I started writing about success on the internet!

That’s what I wanted to spend my time on. I want to create something that just about anyone from any walks of life, can pick up right away and start using to make money from home. To really live the dream and hopefully to help as many people as I possibly can achieve true success from home.

Honestly, my old businesses made me a lot of money. It was hard to give them up but I realized in the long term this was the better move.

I’m not the kind of person who enjoys bragging but I made a ton of money over the years using nothing but my computer and home internet connection. I never had an office outside the home, never did any seminars or speeches or junk like that, I never had to cold call anyone. I made all of my money using nothing but my computer and internet connection and I did very well from it.

Why Am I Any Different Than Any Other Old Internet Marketing/Make Money Online Guru?

There are quite a few really really great experts that you can find online nowadays that do more or less similar things that I do…

There are literally thousands of different experts on the subject of making money online and home business. Honestly, you’d think it was so easy to make money from home if there are all these people out here supposedly doing it.


I basically did the opposite of what you see most of these internet guru’s doing. I stayed anonymous and under the radar and I didn’t want the spotlight. 

Honestly, this is the first time that I am going on public record with everything that I’ve done so far in my business. You’re going to get everything out of me, I am not going to hold anything back.

If I have a method that works, I will share it with you 🙂

Not only this, I plan on giving out this information for free.

I am not going to charge you anything for using my advice. I will always try to include a way to make money online that doesn’t cost you a thing. I want to help you not nickel and dime you to death 😉

I know that I haven’t covered everything in this post because to really explain all of the difficulties I’ve faced in my life and all of the setbacks I’ve had trying to make money online – it’d take me way more words that you’d want to read.

However, way before I reached even the smallest amount of success online, I lost massive amounts of money and time figuring out what works and what doesn’t. That’s what I want to prevent you from experiencing.

You see, when it comes to making money online….there are a lot of distractions, scams, and other things that’ll be tempting for you to fall for. Believe me, it can happen to even the smartest of people so I find it my goal with Create My Home Business is to prevent you from making the same mistakes that I did when I first started out.

The key here is to never get discouraged, never get distracted, and to KEEP LEARNING. Everything takes time and there is no such thing as a true overnight success. Most of the people that you see who’ve had any degree of success online most likely went through a mountain of learning curves and problems.

I hope now that you understand where I am coming from and what I can offer you, you’ll be able to benefit in some way from my story and my goals with Create My Home Business.

I am determined to make this blog the only resource that you’ll ever need.

I truly hope that with this new plan and model that I can truly assist you in creating an income from home. This is my goal and I will be providing you as much tutorials, action plans, videos, and all of my time helping you get to this point!

This is the 1st post of many so please give me a comment or 2 when you’ve got a moment and let me know where you are in your internet business!


Ryan Oakley


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