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The Complete Beginners Guide To Making Money With Google Adsense

Google Adsense is an additional program you can sign up to earn extra income along with your affiliate programming. The idea is to let Google display ads on your website and content for which you get paid. All that needs to be done is copying the codes provided by Google in your posts. It’s one of the best ways to help you start making online and even using the website traffic to bring in the revenues for you.

How does Adsense Work?

It is based on pay per click marketing where you receive payments when someone clicks the ads. You can commonly see these ads featured on top of SERPs. Advertisers pay Google to display the ads and they, in turn, pay you when for your efforts. You get 68% of the amount received by Google from the advertisers for each click made. Sometimes you are paid based on ad impressions.

How to Use Adsense?

You need to have a blog or a youtube account to sign up for Adsense. You need to have some content on your website before you can apply. Go to http://adsense.google.com once your website has 2o to 30 pages.

You will have to wait for Google to approve you. It may take up to 7 days for your request to be processed. After that, you will get ads to display from Google.

This can be in the form of text ads or image ads or a combination of both. You can customize the placement of the ads according to your wish. Colors can also be edited to match your website.

The codes given by Google can be used to place the ads on different locations on your webpage. You can utilize the side of the page and display the ads vertically. Else you can put them like banner horizontally across the page.

How to Earn with Google Adsense?

Google does not disclose how much you earn from each ad. You get a report of total earnings from the number of clicks generated. According to Adsense users, the pay varies from 2 cents to $ 15 each click. You will seldom get more than $ 1 per click for most ads.

Competitive Search Terms Pay More

Ads which are related to terms which have high search volume have higher payouts than their counterparts. For example, keywords like weight loss will have high pay per clicks than something like face painting. A competitive search term is paid highly by advertisers which increase your chances of earning.

Adsense is Geared toward Content

Great content is the secret to earning more with Adsense. You need to have significant content in your website to get accepted in the first place.

• Google develops an idea which ads to display on your website through the content you share.
• You have to write a lot of content to generate traffic and get returns from Adsense.
• You need to share the content on various channels to create traffic for sustainable income.

Google Adsense is free to join and provides supplement income along with affiliate marketing. You do not need to make any efforts even to fetch ads. Anything that comes from Adsense will supplement your real income and help you leverage it. Your website will get significant traffic if you follow the steps mentioned in our guide. So you will not need to make any extra initiative for Adsense. The traffic to your website will click the Google Ads and derive additional income.

Tips to Earn More from Google Adsense

Here are the top tips to make more money online from Google Adsense.

• The most basic need to earn money from Adsense is to create traffic. You can use the ways detailed in the eBook to generate traffic for your website.
• The way you place your Google ads also has an impact on the click rates. Professional, clean and simple websites which are easy to navigate score high on user’s cards.
• The ads should not be interfering with the user experience and must be placed cleverly.
• The ads should not annoy the users or distract them from their activities. Google resources have a good guide on how to place your ads effectively.
• You can place the ads above the header, between content, above the post, and in the sidebar.
• To increase income, you need to target high CPC keywords. Advertisers pay more for them, and your share also translates to more money.

Integrating Adsense with Google Adwords

To get the best results from your Adsense account, you need to invest in the right online marketing strategy. You can use Google’s incredible Paid Ad service Adwords to create Google Ads that people would love.

Create High-Quality Ads

You need to make some good ads to get more conversions. Include the right keywords cleverly to get more attention.

It is crucial to make fitting ads as you need to pay Google whenever some click your ads. You do not want traffic from users who have no interest in your product or services. So your job is to compel people to go for your ads instead of your competitors. Also, you have to eliminate the unwanted clicks which take up your budget unnecessarily.

You can use AdWords targeting options to effectively send your ads to people who have chances of converting. Using various targeting options based on keywords, location, website type, audience behavior you can make sure you get profitability out of your Google Adwords campaign.

Conversion Tracking

You have to optimize your campaign to bring more traffic and reduce wastage of money and effort. This is possible by Google Conversion Tracking available in Adwords. You get a picture of your sales, performance of your keywords and campaigns and other details. Without initiating this feature, you cannot identify or promote successful keywords, ads or campaigns.

Google Adwords Basics
• Research potential keywords and competition to develop suitable ads and offers
• Find out costs of bidding of your chosen keywords
• Use the service to create compelling ads
• Track your conversions and optimize your campaign for better results

With Google Adwords, you can direct more interested people to your website, increasing sales- a great way to making money online. And, with Google Adsense integrated to your website, you are sure to be earning money online every day. It’s a great online marketing strategy to earn even as you spend on getting more people to your site.

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