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Combining Technology with Direct Mail to Boost Brand Awareness


The world of business is a mightily competitive one and it is increasingly difficult for companies, particularly startups, to stand out from the crowd. Resultantly, it is imperative to use all the marketing tools at one’s disposal to help ensure that your brand soars and that your product or services get the recognition that they deserve.

So far as marketing is concerned, both from a business to consumer and business to business perspective, direct mail is one of the oldest and most successful means of enhancing one’s brand awareness but there is no escaping the velocity with which technology is intermingling with traditional marketing methods.

The savviest companies realise that direct mail should be one of the main ports of call when it comes to increasing brand awareness, something which is, of course, doubly important for companies which are just starting out but it is now more critical than ever to make sure you’re innovative with your direct mail and that invariably means integrating technological innovations alongside the more traditional methods.

To really give your brand awareness a boost through the use of direct mail in 2016 and beyond, it pays to be aware of some of the latest and greatest ways of combining direct mail marketing approaches with the technology at your disposal – we look at some of the best below:

  • Customized URLs – Needless to say, most companies today will have a website which is the first port of call for driving sales and information about their business. In terms of driving direct engagement with consumers, direct mail is difficult to top and by creating customized URLs on your website and referencing them on the direct mail that you send out, you can track how successful the campaign is by driving traffic to these pages and using them to create a buzz and additional brand awareness around your company.
  • Near Field Communication – This is a form of technology which is increasingly becoming part and parcel of everyday life and it is now integral to a lot of today’s more innovative direct mail marketing campaigns. Essentially, what NFC does is interact with any smartphone or tablet device whenever it is within a certain proximity to it so what this means is that you can send out a piece of direct mail with NFC technology that will load information onto the recipient’s tech devices when they open it around them. This is a great, really impressive way of enhancing a company’s brand awareness when done well.
  • USB Sticks – Direct mail has evolved and doesn’t now just revolve around the most traditional forms like postcards and brochures. It now incorporates other pieces such as USB sticks which can be preloaded with great, customised content that is targeted directly at the recipient – a fact which is pivotal so far as becoming imprinted on their memory when they require the services or products that you have to offer.
  • QR Codes – Though perhaps quite gimmicky in nature, there is definitely scope for utilizing QR codes in direct mail pieces because they are great at delivering traffic to tailor made website pages or apps and they capture the imagination of those who use them. It is reliant on the recipient having the requisite technology to scan them which does limit them a little but such is the prevalence of smartphone technology today, the vast majority or people will be able to.

Direct mail marketing boasts an unparalleled level of interaction when compared to more modern forms of marketing such as email and a report from DMA reveals some impressive data concerning direct mail such as 56% of people believe that printed marketing is the most trust worthy form of communication, 66% of consumers keep their mail for over 2 weeks. Even in a digital world direct mail gets 44% of recipients to go your website. Average response rates are 4%. Overall 7% of receivers will take some sort of action. When compared to email, it shows just how successful a tool direct mail can be in a digital world.

The process of building up awareness of one’s brand isn’t something that will happen overnight and it takes careful nurturing but there is no doubting that direct mail should form one of the cornerstones of achieving the sort of awareness that you are looking for with your company. Integrating it with the latest forms of technology will serve to improve response rates and brand awareness still further and there’s little doubting that 2016 will likely hold even more technological innovations that can be worked into your direct mail campaigns.


A company can offer the greatest product or service in the world but if nobody knows about it, it would all be for nothing and this underpins the importance of brand awareness. It’s not something that will be simple to accomplish to become a household name but with marketing tools like direct mail, you’ll be starting off on a strong footing that will help make sure you can get your message out there in a manner that offers not only a great return on investment but helps your company stick in the mind of your recipient.

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