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Breaking Into the City of Magic

Michael Grandinetti - 2015 HeadshotPhoto courtesy of Michael Grandinetti Magic.

Master Illusionalist Propels Self Made Business from His Home Office

Master illusionist Michael Grandinetti spends most of his life on the road, performing in stadiums, arenas, and theaters around the world. However, when not traveling, Michael steers his now international business from his home-based office, a situation that has greatly benefited the growth of his company.

His journey into building a home based business began 15 years ago. After graduating from Duquesne University with a degree in Marketing, Grandinetti relocated from Pittsburgh to Los Angeles. Already a successful magician in his hometown, Michael, in his words, had to “hit the ground running” to start from scratch in a new city and to begin the arduous process of gaining a foothold in the crowded and competitive world of Hollywood entertainment.

A self-professed workaholic, having a home based office allowed Grandinetti to keep long workdays, often times beginning work as soon as he would wake up in the morning and continuing until late into the night, researching contacts, making calls, setting up appointments, and developing new ideas. Slowly but surely, Michael was building his brand. Now performing over 100 shows per year worldwide, the work certainly seems to have paid off.

To keep himself top of mind when it comes to the world of magic, Michael is constantly pushing to take his work into new areas, from stadiums, to national parades, to performances with symphony orchestras. His work is promoted through focused marketing plans incorporating social media and direct marketing as well as by maintaining continued relationships with existing clients, including theaters, casinos, television producers, and merchandisers, as well as business executives who routinely use Michael’s custom magic and illusions to show off their messages or products in a unique way.

Michael says that his best business achievement has been to transform the dream that he had when he was five years old, to someday be a magician, into reality, while traveling an unconventional career path. When asked about the future, Michael plans to expand his business into additional television productions and long-term theater residencies. However, a home based component of his business will always exist.  “I love what I do,” Michael said, “and being able to wake up and immediately get to work is something that I’ll never change.”

Don’t miss Michael when he stars in “Masters of Illusion” on The CW and “Don’t Blink” on Pop TV this summer! For more information on Michael Grandinetti, please visit www.michaelgrandinetti.com . HBM

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