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Boosting User Engagement III – Techniques You Can Use To Capture and Retain Visitor Interest

In this final part of the ‘Boosting User Engagement’ blog series, there is still a lot left to discuss on how you can improve visitor engagement on your website. For those of you who were waiting for the 3rd part of this blog series to be published, without further ado, let’s get down to business.

#6 Pin Related Content and Links at the End of Every Page or Post

Have you ever stopped to wonder about what your visitors do once they reach the end of the page on your website? Do you picture them closing the tab of your website, or do you picture them exploring your website further? The thing about user engagement is that it can’t happen by itself, you have to proactively optimize your website and make efforts that generate results.

Everyone wants visitors to stay on their website and either read another blog or purchase something. The takeaway here is to give your visitors actionable choices when they finish reading a page. You can either display related content neatly at the end of the page or you can ask users to subscribe with you to stay updated with the latest content. There are numerous things you can do to have better engagement in this way.

#7 Use Social Media to Your Advantage, the Greatest Engagement Tool

What better way to engage your visitors than at the one place where they spend most of their time? Yes; we are talking about you, as a business, going social across a variety of social media platforms. This involves marketing your business across the web through back linking, affiliate marketing, emails, and AdWords.

There is a two part benefit to taking your business towards social media. The first benefit is that you gain increased online presence that Google crawlers and algorithm recognize. The second benefit is that you generate tangible leads through social media. When people see a business or a brand in a place where they socialize; in a place with a casual environment; they begin to associate the people behind the business with a forward thinking attitude that keeps up with the latest trends.

Create a Twitter handle, or a Facebook page and talk about the offers you provide and news updates regarding the company. This humanizes your brand or business on Facebook and the status updates you share, allow your target market to engage with you in a way that was never before possible.

#8 Clear Navigation

In this day and age, all technology, even the latest web design methods; have one thing in common, and that is accessibility. After all, what is the point of creating something so complex that an average person cannot use? In this aspect, one of the reasons why Apple has an Iron grip on their segment of the market is because they created highly complex devices with a functionality that even a 5 year old could understand!

Apply the same concept to the layout of your website. In order to engage your visitors and reduce your bounce back rate, the navigation system of your website must be straight forward and readily understandable. If it is not, your visitors will spend the better part of their time trying to understand it; with most of them clicking away at the first sign of tediousness.

This concludes the final part of the blog series ‘Boosting User Engagement’. Hope these posts will help you improve the level of engagement on your website. Just remember; consistency is the key to success online. Good luck!

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