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Boosting User Engagement II – Techniques You Can Use To Capture and Retain Visitor Interest

In the first blog of our newest ‘Boosting User Engagement’ 3-part series, we covered various basic aspects of user engagement; what it is, why it matters, and shared a few techniques you can implement to improve visitor engagement on your website. In part two, we will continue in the same stead and share more techniques that can positively help you boost the performance of your website, so you can earn more money.

#3 Minimize Website Load Time

Quite often, when we click an interesting link, we wait for the website to load and if takes more than a few seconds, we simply click away to find an alternative source. Long page load time is thus, a very unattractive quality for a website. With the better part of the world using optical cable connections for internet usage, a website that loads slowly is highly disappointing to the users of the modern Internet age.

Hence, if the webmaster doesn’t ensure that the website loads rapidly for every visitor from any part of the world, the bounce rate will sky rocket. Not to mention that Google will push your website away from the top search engine result pages. Note that if your site takes more than 5 to 7 seconds to load; it’s too slow.

The takeaway here is that your online business is unlikely to flourish if your users click away in the time your website takes to load. Consider investing in a content delivery network (CDN). With a CDN, your website is duplicated across multiple servers around the world. So, whenever a visitor logs onto your website, they will be connected to the server closest to them, ensuring a rapid response time.

#4 The Writing Approach Should Consider Your Target Audience

This point cannot be stressed enough. Depending on what you offer and the nature of the target market you serve, the style and approach of the writing will determine the reaction of your visitors. Using the wrong writing style can prove to be disaster for your website. If you use a casual tone on a professional website, or a professional tone on a casual website, the effect you are trying to attain is often nullified. The content you provide should thus, be customized to match the mindset and interest of your target market.

#5 De-clutter Your Website Homepage

Busy looking websites are always tedious to understand and operate. The layout can be perfect with quality content, but it won’t matter. When one reaches your website, it should be a pleasant experience rather than an overwhelming one. If you clutter and crowd all the available screen space with 10 sidebar widgets, maintain 50 different plugins, and use a new font every day; no matter how great the theme is, the website is going to look out of place.

The takeaway here is to keep your website elements minimalistic, providing only necessary information. If a topic happens to be a lengthy one, provide a link to the page that describes things in detail. But the home page and other main pages should be minimalistic. This will allow your visitors to quickly skim through what you have to offer as well as engaging them with a pleasant experience, without wasting time on specifics that would be of no use to a first time visitor.

This concludes the second part of this blog series. Stay tuned for the final part of this blog series, where we will discuss the remaining techniques that you can use to increase user engagement on your website.


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